December 19, 2008


IT'S A GIRL! Yes, Ty and I are going to be having a little girl, Bristol Larue! We are so excited! Over Thanksgiving break we went in for an ultrasound and were able to check her little body out and watch her for about a half hour. It was so precious. Bristol was very active, so it was fun to see her stretch, twist and turn, yawn, and even hiccup. She is darling!

On the 13th of December I graduated! The day was quite eventful. I woke up in the morning to a white out in Logan. This would have been no big deal, but you see... USU has some crazy tradition which I'm sure is a blast in the spring, but in December it was the dumbest thing that I have ever done. I guess that it will make for good memories. The graduates, in cap and gown, walk for the Fieldhouse to the Spectrum...about a 5-7 minute walk. There was quite a bit of snow outside, it was still snowing hard, and the wind was blowing. (So much for curling my hair!) Luckily I had two steady companions to keep me from slipping down the hill on the snow. Thanks Val and Josh! My whole family, Ty, and my in-laws were there cheering me on which made it fun! I had to focus though so as not to slip down the ramp while getting my diploma, i've become quite clumsy with my center of gravity changing. Some say that it is stupid to "walk," but I must say that it made for great memories. After the ceremony we all went to lunch, and for graduation my parents gave me a banjo!!!! YES! I was so excited! Best graduation ever! Thanks to all of my study buddies and friends for getting me through these 4 years of college! The support was greatly appreciated!

P.S. I have some great pics, but I'll get those out later!