December 22, 2010

In loving memory of Brother Alyn Andrus.
What a great man who did much in this life,
and will surely do much more in the next.
You will be missed!

Sorry no picture. Wish I had my own computer!

December 21, 2010

Christmas time is here...
Can't believe it! We wait impatiently for this day to come, and seriously
it's already almost over. Everyone always told me that as you get older
time goes by much faster. I didn'twant to believe them, and I'm still in denial!
Last night I told Ty that I never wanted to be pregnant over Christmas again.
There is just no way to fit all of the Christmas goodies into your belly when it's
already full. But then he said "It's either this or water ski season." Well, that
solved it! :)Seriously though, feeling like a beached whale during Christmas isn't
fun, however it givesme a little bit of insight to our beloved Mary who delivered
our Saviour in a manger. Unbelievable. Which brings me to the true meaning of
CHRISTmas. Each year our family participates in 2 manger scene reenactments.
I encourage you andyour families to do the same. I think it's a great idea to instill
in your children the valueof the true meaning of Christmas. Don't ever forget it!

December 8, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree! And other winter adventures.

Here it is! One of my most favorite symbols of the Christmas season. How can you see a Christmas Tree and not be full of cheer?
Anyway, Ty cut this tree down in the Book Cliffs over the Thanksgiving Holiday. I think he did pretty well. However, when it comes to the decorating...
Lights: Look great
Ornaments: ...If you look closely you'll see a familiar
sight to anyone who has a toddler.
All of the decorations are at the top. It looks quite hilarious!

My mom sent Ashley a Christmas tree for her room in the MTC, so we made some home made ornaments to send her. I think they turned out pretty cute!

And of course my little Bris in her new winter coat. She is such a doll! And of course her "glubs," aka gloves. She just can't get enough of that snow. She eats it like it's candy.

December 6, 2010

The Stevens visit Canada

Dave and Teresa made a long drive to visit Ty, Bris and I while in Victoria. Unfortunately it was record breaking heat on the island...and we didn't have air conditioning! But we still had a great time.
We did a lot of blackberry picking and made some great blackberry jam. So good!

While Ty and Dave did some fishing, us girls headed to Butchart Gardens. We didn't last too long before having to get a cold treat. Bris loved the ice cream, but it didn't stay icy for too long! She was such a mess! Well worth it though!

Isn't that a sweet delivery of a kid's meal? We thought so! Complete with a "Gold Coin" and everything!

Their trip went by fast, but it was fun to have them! I was still pretty sick with the pregnancy and could hardly stay awake if I wasn't walking around, so it was nice to have energetic grandparents around to entertain Bristol!

December 5, 2010

The Baby Name Blues

Call me hormonal or in a bad mood...or whatever you want (G rated please), but I don't like ANY boy names right now. What's funny is the ones that Ty likes are names that I came up with before the pregnancy, but now hate. SERIOUSLY!!!
1. Tyton
2. Hunter
3. Porter
What do YOU think?
I can tell you what I think. I don't like them AT ALL!!!
And what's worse is I can't come up with any alternatives. So, here is where you come in. I need some fresh ideas! Any input would be great! My brain is beat!