August 8, 2008

TyRell's Mission in Mexico! SURPRISE!

TyRell surprised me with a trip to Mexico to see his mission. I thought that we were going to a resort up in the mountains, but figured it out about 10 minutes before we crossed the border where we were going....there were no mountains around! It was ssssooooo hot there! But so much fun. I loved seeing parts of his mission and meeting a couple of the families. Here are some pics. More later!

This is the first family that we visited, the Zuno family. Graciella and I would sit and chat what we could, and Ty would talk to the whole family and translate for me. They are a great family. Brother Zuno is the 1st counselor in the bishopbric, and Graciella was just released as Relief Society President. They attend the temple once a month. They have four sons, three which Ty baptized also. Their youngest goes to the temple once a week to do baptisms. I couldn't always understand what they were talking about, but my eyes were wet the whole time because I could tell that they were talking about the gospel. The spirit was so strong!

This is a family that TyRell baptized on his mission. They live in Mexicali. It took Ty about 8 months to baptize Guadelupe, the mom, and Jorje the son. The daughter was not old enough, so she was baptized later. I love them!

A home near Ty's apartment in Tijuana. This home is actually larger than most there, but they pretty much look this way. Very humbling.

This is the view from our hotel in Rosarito. It was beautiful. The swimming pool sat right on the cliff side, and the restaraunt that we ate by canlde light at sat rigth on the ocean as well. It was beautiful!

TyRell and I at the "La Bufadora" on a penninsula in Mexico. La Bufadora means "Sea Blowhole." The water would shoot up between a crack in the cliffside and shoot the water in the air! It was beautiful!

Main Salmon River Fun!

It has been a while since I've gotten on here, and these next few posts will be a little out of order, but here is the new news! Every year my family goes on a week long river trip with our cousins, the Laws, and some family friends and my sisters in-laws the Hughes. It is great fun, and we all look forward to it so much! TyRell couldn't come because of some work committments, so I flew to Boise on my own and packed for the trip while my dad was in Canada. On Sunday the 27th of August we piled in the cars and drove seven hours to North Fork Idaho, and on the 28th put on the river for the next six days! We had so much fun! There were a few bumps in the much that there were two flat tires, a few mishaps in some of the rapids, but overall we were really blessed with our safety. There were six rafts, two katarafts, and nine rubber duckies. We took up a long portion of the river! The sandy beach campsights were beautiful and relaxing! Here are some pictures from along the way!

These are all of the rafts gathering after going through the rapid "Salmon Falls." It was awesome! I love the white water!

This is the whole family minus Ty.

This is Annie and I on our second to last day on the river....just before I threw her in the river!