December 22, 2010

In loving memory of Brother Alyn Andrus.
What a great man who did much in this life,
and will surely do much more in the next.
You will be missed!

Sorry no picture. Wish I had my own computer!

December 21, 2010

Christmas time is here...
Can't believe it! We wait impatiently for this day to come, and seriously
it's already almost over. Everyone always told me that as you get older
time goes by much faster. I didn'twant to believe them, and I'm still in denial!
Last night I told Ty that I never wanted to be pregnant over Christmas again.
There is just no way to fit all of the Christmas goodies into your belly when it's
already full. But then he said "It's either this or water ski season." Well, that
solved it! :)Seriously though, feeling like a beached whale during Christmas isn't
fun, however it givesme a little bit of insight to our beloved Mary who delivered
our Saviour in a manger. Unbelievable. Which brings me to the true meaning of
CHRISTmas. Each year our family participates in 2 manger scene reenactments.
I encourage you andyour families to do the same. I think it's a great idea to instill
in your children the valueof the true meaning of Christmas. Don't ever forget it!

December 8, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree! And other winter adventures.

Here it is! One of my most favorite symbols of the Christmas season. How can you see a Christmas Tree and not be full of cheer?
Anyway, Ty cut this tree down in the Book Cliffs over the Thanksgiving Holiday. I think he did pretty well. However, when it comes to the decorating...
Lights: Look great
Ornaments: ...If you look closely you'll see a familiar
sight to anyone who has a toddler.
All of the decorations are at the top. It looks quite hilarious!

My mom sent Ashley a Christmas tree for her room in the MTC, so we made some home made ornaments to send her. I think they turned out pretty cute!

And of course my little Bris in her new winter coat. She is such a doll! And of course her "glubs," aka gloves. She just can't get enough of that snow. She eats it like it's candy.

December 6, 2010

The Stevens visit Canada

Dave and Teresa made a long drive to visit Ty, Bris and I while in Victoria. Unfortunately it was record breaking heat on the island...and we didn't have air conditioning! But we still had a great time.
We did a lot of blackberry picking and made some great blackberry jam. So good!

While Ty and Dave did some fishing, us girls headed to Butchart Gardens. We didn't last too long before having to get a cold treat. Bris loved the ice cream, but it didn't stay icy for too long! She was such a mess! Well worth it though!

Isn't that a sweet delivery of a kid's meal? We thought so! Complete with a "Gold Coin" and everything!

Their trip went by fast, but it was fun to have them! I was still pretty sick with the pregnancy and could hardly stay awake if I wasn't walking around, so it was nice to have energetic grandparents around to entertain Bristol!

December 5, 2010

The Baby Name Blues

Call me hormonal or in a bad mood...or whatever you want (G rated please), but I don't like ANY boy names right now. What's funny is the ones that Ty likes are names that I came up with before the pregnancy, but now hate. SERIOUSLY!!!
1. Tyton
2. Hunter
3. Porter
What do YOU think?
I can tell you what I think. I don't like them AT ALL!!!
And what's worse is I can't come up with any alternatives. So, here is where you come in. I need some fresh ideas! Any input would be great! My brain is beat!

November 27, 2010

Come One Come All!

It's a Boutique!

If you are still looking for gift ideas, this holiday gift boutique will have tons of options. And even better, you can come see me! I will be helping my mother-in-law with a booth selling great lotions, bath scrubs, lip balms, etc.! There will also be home decor, kid and baby items, Mary Kay, kitchen ware, clothes, and much much more!
Located at the Summit County Fairgrounds in Coalville, Ut.
202 East Park Rd.
Coalville, Ut 84017
In the Quonset Hut (a large metal building)!

I would LOVE to see you all there!

November 20, 2010

Boise/McCall Part 2

I have been a terrible blogger lately. I just noticed today that I had a "Boise Part 1" forever ago, and never gave you "Part 2!" I'll just call it placenta brain... Anyway, here it is!
McCall is the BEST in the summer. My favorite place ever. We had a blast, and of course time went by way too fast. But here are a few of our daily activities!

Bristol and Grandpa driving the boat. She was very independant at doing so! Even tried out the throttle!

Early morning water skiing just can't be beat! And for 3 almost 4 months pregnant, not too bad!
Don't tell the Dr. He might get mad. I toook it easy though!

My parents have this huge tube that fits a ton of people on it. It's pretty fun! Our own little party bardge!

The two "little's" on the four wheeler.

Soon to come, "The Stevens visit Canada."

November 9, 2010

Lesson Learned

I used to be able to go to the grocery store with toddler in hand to get one or two items.
Last night was a whole different story...AND I had Ty with me!
Bristol started out great, running along in between us holding both of our hands.
5 minutes later, she was laying in the middle of the isle on her back and screaming
"No! No!" When I tried to pick her up.
What has happened?
I'll tell ya...
I could hardly keep myself from laughing however, which I know is bad for discipline sakes. But it was hilarious! She wasn't trying to be bad really, just sick of walking. Her new coat is down with a slick shell, so she would run and then slide on her stomach before turning to her back. So funny. I did learn my lesson though.
Even if I only have a couple things to grab, GET A CART!

November 1, 2010

Halloween Fairy

I am dramatically behind on posting, and admit that the blog has been a little boring lately. Hopfully this will change...starting now!

Bristol loved this little stray kitten, unfortunately the next day we had to say goodbye to is too short sometimes. Poor thing.

Bristol was a Halloween Fairy! She was so cute! These pictures scream personality, and she was full of it! (Thanks RyLee for shooting them!) We weren't planning on leaving Logan for Halloween, but the words "Bird Hunting" were spoken once to Ty, and off we went. We had a ton of fun. My Grandparents threw a party that we caught a part of before coming home, so last minute Ty and I thought up some costumes. Ty strapped a baby to his behind and went as a babysitter, and I sported the prego belly fish bowl. (Sorry, no pics.)

October 26, 2010


...inside with an ACTIVE TODDLER?

Seriously!!! As a first time mom with a toddler, I have no idea how to keep either of us entertained when it is so cold and ugly outside. Any suggestions? I can only do so much baking and cleaning, and then its done! Then what do we do?

Right now I'm in a rutt. We are watching WAY TOO MUCH TV. It's terrible. Probably 3 or 4 hours worth a day. ( Which is a lot for us.) It's one thing if its cold outside and we can throw on coats and gloves and play outside. But it's another when it's cold, windy, and threatening to rain/snow any minute. Ahhhhhh!!!!

So, please leave a comment with any suggestions. And if you would like to have an indoor play date, please let me know. Cuz we would LOVE to!

October 13, 2010

18 Months and Counting

My sister Ashley entered the MTC today. I can't believe it. Last night I said my "goodbyes," and then this morning she forgot something and came back. Argh. It's ok though, I got to snap one last picture, and she was so excited to get to Provo that I didn't even shed a tear (this morning I mean.) She will be in the MTC until 30 December 2010 where she will depart to Cambodia. She will be a great missionary. I know that everyone says that about their siblings serving missions, but she really will be.

Bristol and Ashley 3 hours before entering the MTC

Last night I was laying in bed thinking about how time is such a valuable gift. You can do so much with time, but in the same instant it flies by.

In 18 months my daughter will be 3 years old.

In 18 months my unborn son will be 14 months old.

In 18 months TyRell will be done with his masters program.

In 18 months I have no idea where we will be living or where Ty will be working.

In 18 months Ashley will be home from her mission.
A lot is going to happen and I know looking back it will seem like it flew by. But right now 18 months seems like FOREVER to say goodbye. The people of Cambodia are real lucky to have her. And as her Bishop put it at her farewell "Cambodia will never be the same after Ashley has been there."

October 8, 2010


I'm gearing up for spiders, snakes, and puppy dogs because we are having a BOY! It came as a complete shock. Here's why...
After our accident I went to the ER to make sure everything was ok. During the ultra sound the lady kept saying "she" this and "there she is." I didn't really give any thought to it until I got home and realized that she was probably talking about the baby. SO, Ty and I were both ready to hear "GIRL" at my official ultra sound yesterday. Instead it went like this:
Ultra sound lady: "There's a good bum shot. What do you think it is?"
Me: "Girl"
Ty: "Boy"
USL: "Girl huh? Well, it's a BOY!"
Ty and I both just laughed. We weren't expecting it. Honestly though, during the beginning of my pregnancy I thought it was a boy, and then later on changed my mind. Poor little guy, how could I ever think him a girl?
It will be perfect! One of each right at the beginning! No pressure for the rest of my child bearing years!
And for a pregnancy update:
  • I have only gained 3 pounds!
  • blood pressure looks good so far
  • me and baby healthy
  • baby weighs 13 oz. He's big already!

September 22, 2010

Accidents Happen

The day was going great! (Yesterday that is.) Bristol had just woken up from a nap and we were headed up Logan Canyon for a hike and picnic. I wanted to take the Camry to save time, but Ty quickly loaded the car seat in the truck and we jumped in. If you know Logan, you'll know exactly where this is, but since some may not I'll describe the scene for you.

We were just cresting onto the top of a big hill, 400 N., in Logan. Off to the right was one more lane, and a big cliff that drops a long ways down to the houses below. To the left uf us was a middle lane, two lanes going west, and 1000 East. We were going the speed limit, 45 mph, and Ty and I both saw an old Nissan Sentra crossing the 5 lanes and headed toward a small parking lot to our right. I screamed, Bris screamed, Ty yelled. Ty swirved to the right but then straightened back out because of the cliffside and BAM! She ran right into the front left side of the truck. She didn't even slow down or break. She literally didn't see us. (Still don't know why.) We checked Bris out, then checked ourselved out. Ty called 911 and I got out to check the other girl. Her car had spun so it was facing the same direction as ours and was pinned against our truck. She was in complete shock and really upset, but physically ok.


So, two tow trucks, 4 cop cars, and my long visit to the ER to check my belly out later, we are all fine. A little sore, but feeling really blessed that it wasn't any worse. That was our day. It's amazing how it happens so fast, and once again you are reminded how precious life is.

The whole front of the truck had shifted. The hood wouldn't fit right, and it was difficult to open the driver side door. Crazy.

You should have seen her car. Sorry, we didn't get pics.

September 12, 2010

Ahem....Dun dun da dunnnnn!!! Bristol's Photo Shoot

She just wanted to announce...

And in case you couldn't quite read it...

That's right! Bris is going to be a big sister! We are having baby #2! We are so excited to be adding to our little family. I am due February 24th, 2011! (The day before my mom's birthday...) Things are going well so far. We find out the gender October 7th, and Ty just can't wait to see a little wee wee....but we will be excited for either boy or girl! ( No predictions yet.)
Well, now ya know.

August 25, 2010

Goodbye to Victoria

Somewhat sadly, yet very excitingly we are leaving Victoria tonight. I think most of all I will miss the girls that I have gotten to hang out with the most. It is beautiful here on Vancouver Island, and I will always treasure the memories made here, but there is nothing like home.
And yes. I. Should. Be. Packing.
However, I have been packing all morning, I have a headache, and I am already exhausted! So I think that I deserve a small break. Bristol has been a HUGE help with the packing. She just has her own way of doing it. First, she completely takes out what I put in the suitcase (all neatly folded), waves it around in the air, tries to put it on, and then puts it back! I just have to laugh because at least she isn't hanging onto my legs as usual.
Tonight we drive to Sydney and board the ferry that will take us to Tsawwassen, pronounced tawasen. We have to be there around 8 PM, and the ferry leaves at 9. We will arive on the mainland at 10:30 where we have booked a hotel room for the night. I'm sure I'm going to be completely exhausted, Bris too. Then we get up bright and early tomorrow morning and drive 10 hrs. 39 minutes (thanks mapquest) to Boise. My dad and Ashley come in from Alaska tomorrow night in time to see us. Then come Friday morning another 4 1/2 hours to Logan where we will move into our new place! It is rather exciting, but as much as I hate packing up a place, I don't like moving things from a storage unit to a house much better. Oh well! I'm just very greatful that we have a place to live!
Until we have internet...farewell, and bring on "the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!" I have missed you U.S. of A.!

August 21, 2010

Boise/McCall Part 1

Mid-July Bristol and I flew from Victoria to Boise for a week long stay with my family. We had so much fun! The flights were long...well, in reality they were short but with a toddler it seemed long. My layover was in Seattle, and I was supposed to have 40 minutes. That was turned into 20 minutes and I didn't know that I would have to go through customs, re-check my luggage, and take two different trams to different parts of the airport. I had no time to buy some snacks, change Bris's diaper, or go to the bathroom myself. I was sweating bullets by the time that I barely made it on the flight. Whew! Arriving to Boise was awesome though. I love it there. The whole family came for a BBQ and swimming. Bris loves the pool! Her favorite thing to do is sit on the edge of the slide and jump in to my Dad. She got a kick out of that! If you think I look tired in the picture, I am. it was a long day! well worth it!

Don't you love the swimsuit with the built in life jacket? My family has always had them, they work great!

August 18, 2010

Canada Day & Gettin to Victoria

July 2, 2010: Happy Canada Day!

Yes, we were living in a hotel. Yes, it was raining. But we still had a fun time! In downtown Nanaimo we watched the flag parade and bought some treats! Don't ask me the history behind Canada Day, because I have no idea. But it was a great excuse to get out and have a good time. (Especially knowing that the 4th of July would be spent moving and not quite celebrating.)

Little did we know...

4th of July, 2010: Happy 4th USA!

Ugh...we had no idea what that day would bring. We LOADED up the subaru so much that my feet had to ride on the dashboard. The drive was 1hr 30 minutes, so I was dying! We were excited to know that we were going ot be living in a house in Victoria. So cool! A yard for Bris to play in and everything. However, when we got there I wouldn't even get out of the car. The place was a nasty disaster with overflowing toilettes and carpets that had never met a vaccuum. (I did eventually brave it). Alright I thought, I can hire a cleaning crew to just come sweep this place clean. Thought #2, I'm not living here. There was a guy living on the main floor and we would live upstairs. No separate entrances, no door to lock at the top of the stairs so this guy couldn't get into my living space. Can you believe it? Some random guy would be living downstairs. Well, that place didn't work out. Nobody blamed us either. So we waited a little bit and then thankfully moved into a place. (I still feel guilty Walburgers.) The highlight of the day was eating at Red Robin! Good ol' American food. That was our 4th of July celebration! we missed being at home celebrating with families. Hope you all had a great time!

Victoria: Welcome to Victoria! It is beautiful here! The week we moved had to have been record breaking temperatures. We have no AC, and it was hot outside which only meant eating cold treats and playing in the water. We are pretty good at that!

Disclaimer: I know...I'm way behind on posting...sorry so late! I'm getting there!

August 10, 2010

Menu Board

I want to make this! It is so easy to make (even for craft dummies like me) and uses a lot of materials that I already have! Also...great for a meal planner like me. I will not go to the grocery store without a meal plan. And the coolest part is that if you plan seven meals it usually will last you 9 or 10 days because of left-overs or last minute eat out nights. The trick is to save the meals for last whose ingredients won't go bad if they sit longer than a week! (Pasta, meatloaf, etc.) I think that I might add a dessert list too, if I can make it fit!

Englishman River Falls and the BEAR!

On our way to Englishman River Falls we saw a bear! People have told us that they have lived their whole lives on the island and never seen a bear. We did! We stopped and watched it for a few minutes before reaching the falls.

Englishman River Falls is really beautiful! The falls is HUGE, and the scenery is breathtaking. You walk over a bridge that takes you right over top of the bottom of the falls. It was really neat!

August 6, 2010


Dear TyRell,
With the approval of the School of Graduate Studies, the Accounting is pleased to inform you that your application has been approved and you have been accepted to begin graduate study at Utah State University. You are to be congratulated for your achievement.
Your acceptance details are as follows:
Starting Term: Fall 2010 Advisor: Richard Jenson
Department: Accounting Program: Accounting Degree: MAcc

That's right! USU here we come! If you haven't heard, it's been quite the stressful process. Back in the spring TyRell took the GMAT. You have to get a certain score to even be looked at by USU, and he missed it by 2 points. Ty had been told by the accounting advisor that he shouldn't even apply because they won't even look at you unless you get that test score right. However, I encouraged Ty to apply anyway because he had already graduated from USU with an above average GPA. His GPA was also well above that of the mini mun requirement. So he did. We have been waiting...and waiting all summer to hear from USU and it just hadn't happened. Last night we were talking and both really worried about where we were going to go. We knew it was decision time, but we just didn't want to make that decision without knowing his fate with USU. So today he called, and the gal told him that his acceptance letter had just been sent. He called me, I cried, but he still made me open his e-mail because he couldn't believe it! We are so excited to be going back to Logan. We would have LOVED to be closer to family at either one of the other schools we were considering and are so grateful for the family members supporting us, but USU's program is just right for TyRell. We are so blessed. We couldn't be more grateful right now! Utah State hey Aggies all the way!

August 4, 2010

Ereksons Visit Part 4

Qualicum Beach
This was the BEST I had ever been to Qualicum beach. The tide was extremely low and we all found tons of treasures. We spent a ton of time here just browsing the beach. My sisters probably kept about 100 full sand dollars (don't worry, just the dead ones), and played a bit in the water. My mom loved hunting down geo-ducks. Have you ever watched living sand dollars move accross the sand? It is so amazing! And when you hold a live one it almost feels like it's stinging you they are so prickly! Pretty cool!

I loved this shot: A drumstick in one hand and a sand dollar in the other.

Erekson Clan Visits: Part 3

Cathedral Grove

Cathedral Grove is a grove of trees right off of the highway. They are ancient and huge trees! I hadn't been there previously, so I was excited to show my family! We packed a picnic lunch and waded through a stream to find a quiet place to have a picnic! We had a great time!