January 29, 2011

Movies Movies Movies

I was thinking today on our drive home how very soon I am literally going to be house bound. When this new baby gets here it will still be flu season...and there won't be much going out! So, I need a good list of movies to see! These are a few that I have watched recently and have liked, and if you have any to add to the list of "must sees," please do fill me in!
Despicable Me
Toy Story 3

January 27, 2011

Birthdays and Bristolisms

Today for my birthday we went out to dinner and then ice cream at Charly's. So good! Bristol was being absolutely hilarious. She sure keeps us on our toes. Here is the scene:
In Charly's
Ty and I sitting in a booth, one other couple sitting adjacent to us eating their ice cream. Bristol was walking around trying to avoid putting her coat back on.
Bristol pointing to the other couple: "Ice cream. I want it."
Ty: "No. You can't have it."
Bristol: "I can't have it."
Ty picking up Bristol to leave: "Say bye bye."
Bristol: "Bye bye...ice cream."

She is so absolutely funny. Children are the best. I love Bris to pieces!

January 26, 2011

We're back!

You may be wondering where we have been in the blogging world.
Rest assured, I have been anxiously waiting getting a new battery
for the computer so I could update. It took forever, but here we are!
Here is our Christmas in a nutshell!
Christmas Eve:
So much fun! We spent the afternoon at Nana and Granddad
the Great's, and the evening with Great-Grandma and Grandpa.

Our little guy is already bound to be a Packers fan!

Of course the infamous P.J. picture. We missed having Ash,
but I think that the boys and their matching pajamas just about
made up for it. :)

Christmas morning was such a blast. How could it not be!?
Bristol really got into the opening of presents. She did take her
sweet time, but we loved watching her. She was spoiled rotten,
but loved playing in her kitchen, with her babies, and riding on
her "bicycle" as she calls it.

Enjoying the lights at Temple Square. It was really cold
but Bristol had a great time!

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! For New Years Eve we went to some of
Ty's high school friend's house. We had great food, but even better
was the home made luge run in the back yard lit up with Christmas
lights. Bristol had a great time...even in the below zero conditions!

New Years Day was spent up in the mountains four wheeling and
sledding around a HUGE bon fire. Bristol didn't love the sledding
so much as the four wheeler. She didn't want off!