August 21, 2011

Annual McCall trip

Warning: A lot of pictures!

McCall was so great! How could it not be? Only thing to make it better would have been TyRell there with us. Nonetheless, we had a great time!

After doing some skiing on the boat, Bristol sat on my wet lap. This made her have to "go" if ya know what I mean. So we had to strip her naked! She made the walk up to the cabin very entertaining, stopping to pick flowers on the way.

My little Diva!

Roasting smores. An Erekson family favorite...
Both moms and all three grandkids! What a shot!

Nana and Grandad along for a boat ride.

Bristol loves her ice cream. Doesn't get much better than Ice Cream Alley! We love it there! HUGE scoops for not much! Bristol's favorite is "pink" ice cream. The mixture of pink ice cream and hot weather made quite a mess!
Bristol's first tube ride!
"Faster Grandpa!"
Home made ice cream...mmmmm!

Uncle Grant brought home the BEST hammocks from his mission in Brazil. We had too much fun being lazy in them together!

August 19, 2011

Moves from the Past

TyRell and I have been married since December of '06. That makes 4 1/2 years. Wanna know how many times we have moved?


Our move on Tuesday will make TEN.

Here is our rundown. (I know, boring. But hey, I don't want to forget!)

January 2007: we had our first apartment in Logan.
It was teeny, but quaint. Really close to campus. We were both in school!
May 2007: we moved to Valejo, CA.
Ty sold for Stone Security and I worked in the office. We went to baseball games, checked out San Francisco, and stayed safe luckily! This is where we found the name "Bristol" for a future daughter!
August 2007: moved back to a different apartment in Logan.
For some reason this year is a blur. Seriously! We were both still in school...
May 2008: moved to Riverside, CA.
We visited Ty's mission in Mexico, and Ty sold for Stone Alarm. This is where we found out Bristol was on her way!
August 2008: moved back to Logan
I continued with my last semester of school, student teaching. It was hard being pregnant, but I graduated in December. Ty...still in school! And our little Bris was born! What a joy!
May 2009: moved to San Jose, CA
Little Bris became quite the traveler. Another summer in Cali! Having family close by made it a bit better!
August 2009: moved back to Logan
TyRell graduated with his bachelors, we went on a great cruise, and we prepped for the masters program coming up.
May 2010: moved to Nanaimo, B.C., Canada
Now Bris was really the world traveler. Ty sold for APX, and I played with Bris! This is where we found out Tytan was on his way!
July 2010: moved to the Victoria, Canada
Our office was a traveling after living in a hotel for a while, we finally made it to Victoria. Whenever I think of this place I get sick. Literally. I was so sick while we lived there...maybe one day I'll get over that! Thanks Big T.
August 2010: moved back to Logan
Ty graduated with his Masters in Accounting, and Big T. joined us here!
August 2011: move to Boise, Id.

We will miss you Logan. You have been great to us!


Last year I read "The Help" by Katheryn Stockett. Loved the book! Last night I went to the movie with a few girlfriends. It was so great! A movie is at it's best when it makes you laugh, cry, and hurt in two hours! This hit the spot. I loved it! You have to go see it. To make the evening even better was how it all started!
We were in line deciding what treats to get. I made a joke about how if i got the BIG drink that I would have to pee half way through the movie. Well, the poor kid behind the counter said, "This might sound awkward, but did you know that there is an app that lets you know when there is a slow spot in the movie so you can...RUN P!" I started laughing so hard! I don't have a smart phone, so this may be late news to some of you, but it's not to me! Hahahaha!

And now back to packing. YIKES!

August 4, 2011

Edumicated and Gradiated...almost

TyRell has his last day of school EVER tomorrow. I know that he is excited, but I think that my excitement is right up there with his. He has worked so hard and sacrificed so much to finish school. We are sure ready to move onto the next chapter in life. I am proud of him! I have felt truly blessed. Every summer for the last 5 years he has worked selling alarm systems far away from home. He has missed out on his beloved backpacking and fishing trips all to make money. However, this money has provided a wonderful lifestyle for us throughout the school year where he doesn't have to worry about work and is able to take a full load of classes. Truly blessed. If I could think of good enough words to brag about him more I would...but they don't exist! As for graduation presents you ask? Ha, don't have one yet. I know what I'm getting for him, but maybe a picture of it will have to do. You can't buy them here in will just have to wait and see! But we are having a good little celebration this weekend by going camping. The Steven's side is having a family reunion and we are headed there right after class tomorrow! Can't wait!

August 2, 2011

Growing Up

This Friday TyRell "graduates" with his MAcc from USU. Time has gone by so incredibly fast! It doesn't seem like that long ago my parents were driving me down here to Logan from Boise for my Freshman year of college. That was SEVEN YEARS ago! It honestly feels like yesterday. I sat behind my dad and cried the whole way there. I sucked it up while I met my roommates and said my good byes, but then cried again all night knowing that I had left my home.

Now, seven years, one marriage, and two great kids later I'm fighting the tears and emotions as we look for a home in the Boise area. TyRell was offered and accepted a job in Eagle, Id. and begins August 29th. We are so incredibly grateful and excited to have work and be able to finally settle down somewhere! I am excited to be near my family and have Bristol's and Tytan's cousins close by. At the same time I am so sad to be leaving Logan. Logan has become my home. I have GREAT friends here, and have created so many memories in this area. It will always hold a special place in my heart. Logan has been very generous and i will be forever grateful for my experiences here. i am also so thankful for the many opportunities that lay ahead!

We aren't sure when we are moving, or where to exactly yet. But it is coming shortly! Wish us luck as we house hunt, and please leave any advice if you have any!