January 31, 2009

Everything Seems to be NEW!

So, without the internet at our apartment, I have been so bad at posting new information! I miss the blogging world, TRUST ME! AND~ now that I'm on my parent's computer, I have no pictures to post. SO, once again I promise that one day I will post some pictures!
Christmas break was awesome! Ty and I spent a week in Oakley, and then a week in Boise. Followed by an awesome week in HAWAII! Being pregnant and in Hawaii was pretty good, except for the swollen ankles from the flight, everything was great! My maternity bathing suit actually fit (which Ty said would be too big when I bought it) so he has a few things to learn about pregnancies. :) In Hawaii we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, Pearl Harbor, followed by a few different beaches, and the Temple (closed for renovation on the inside). We had tons of fun!
Getting back into school for Ty this semester hasn't been too much fun. With all of his classes on Tuesday and Thursday, it seems that the week goes by too fast! I decided not to take a job teaching because Bristol comes in April! SO, baby preparations are slow, but they are coming along! As far as the baby, she is very active and healthy! We had a little scare when I started having contractions and had to go into labor and delivery for some monitoring, but everything is ok and I've been told to be a "couch potatoe," so I'm not on strict bed rest, but I've been too active apparently. I thought I was doing great with my daily workouts, but I guess the body can't handle too much anymore! Gotta stay in shape for waterski season!
Last week my family and Ty and I drove down to SLC to...meet the Prophet! YES! It was fantastic! My dad won the "Gordon B. Hinckley" award last year, but with His passing, we met with President Monson instead to see my dad recieve the award. We spent a whole hour in the conference room and touring the Prophet's office. It was great, and I will for sure post some pictures once we get them from the photographer!