September 22, 2010

Accidents Happen

The day was going great! (Yesterday that is.) Bristol had just woken up from a nap and we were headed up Logan Canyon for a hike and picnic. I wanted to take the Camry to save time, but Ty quickly loaded the car seat in the truck and we jumped in. If you know Logan, you'll know exactly where this is, but since some may not I'll describe the scene for you.

We were just cresting onto the top of a big hill, 400 N., in Logan. Off to the right was one more lane, and a big cliff that drops a long ways down to the houses below. To the left uf us was a middle lane, two lanes going west, and 1000 East. We were going the speed limit, 45 mph, and Ty and I both saw an old Nissan Sentra crossing the 5 lanes and headed toward a small parking lot to our right. I screamed, Bris screamed, Ty yelled. Ty swirved to the right but then straightened back out because of the cliffside and BAM! She ran right into the front left side of the truck. She didn't even slow down or break. She literally didn't see us. (Still don't know why.) We checked Bris out, then checked ourselved out. Ty called 911 and I got out to check the other girl. Her car had spun so it was facing the same direction as ours and was pinned against our truck. She was in complete shock and really upset, but physically ok.


So, two tow trucks, 4 cop cars, and my long visit to the ER to check my belly out later, we are all fine. A little sore, but feeling really blessed that it wasn't any worse. That was our day. It's amazing how it happens so fast, and once again you are reminded how precious life is.

The whole front of the truck had shifted. The hood wouldn't fit right, and it was difficult to open the driver side door. Crazy.

You should have seen her car. Sorry, we didn't get pics.

September 12, 2010

Ahem....Dun dun da dunnnnn!!! Bristol's Photo Shoot

She just wanted to announce...

And in case you couldn't quite read it...

That's right! Bris is going to be a big sister! We are having baby #2! We are so excited to be adding to our little family. I am due February 24th, 2011! (The day before my mom's birthday...) Things are going well so far. We find out the gender October 7th, and Ty just can't wait to see a little wee wee....but we will be excited for either boy or girl! ( No predictions yet.)
Well, now ya know.