June 29, 2010

Farewell Nanaimo...

Yes, we are moving...AGAIN! As much as you all know that I loathe packing and moving, I deal with it because I have no choice. Tomorrow we load the car and move to....The Days Inn!!! Can't wait. NOT! We move into a hotel for 4 1/2 days before we move again to Victoria. Don't get me wrong, I'm actually being pretty upbeat about the whole thing. Moving into a hotel will provide me with:
  • Free clean up/make the bed service
  • A pool and hot tub
  • A (hopefully) more comfortable bed

It's just another adventure! Plus, it is one step closer to moving to Victoria and I can't wait to get there. However, there are quite a few things I'll miss about Nanaimo!

  1. The beaches! Qualicum, and Westwood Lake
  2. Downtown Nanaimo Harbour
  3. The Ice Cream downtown and in Coombs! (I'm drooling already).
  4. Beban Pool (Posts of this place soon).
  5. Watching deer outside of our back door
  6. The beauty that this place offers!

Each city that we travel each summer holds a special place in my memory. But this Island is one of the most beautiful places that we have ever lived. It's breathtaking! I'm looking forward to our lives moving forward but will forever remember our short time in Nanaimo!

June 26, 2010

Westwood Lake

Westwood lake is my favorite "fresh water" beach. I love it here! There are no boats allowed on the lake (which I would normally object too), but I think that it keeps the crowds away! I know that most of my posts are about Bristol and I'm sorry...but this is truly hilarious! Bristol wasn't much of a fan of the sand in the beginning...but I got her used to it!

Step 1:

"Stay on the blanket and keep feet out of the sand! (While enjoying my PB&J)."

Step 2:
"Venture out on the sand barefoot. EW!"

Step 3:
"Sit on a towel in the sand by the other kids playing. Thanks mommy for not making me put my bum in the sand and getting my feet out of it."

Step 4:
"Hm. Not so bad on the hands...keep the legs up though! Don't like it on them!"

Step 5:
"Eat the sand! I think I've got this down."

June 25, 2010

TyRell Bungee Jumps!

Ty did it. He went bungee jumping! As an office, the whole team won a bit of money to do with what they pleased, and this is what they all chose! So a TON of them went. I just watched. Don't think that I could do it...maybe in high school, but not now. Anyway, It was quite the rush watching my hubby plunge off of a 150+ foot bridge. I probably screamed harder than he did! They went at this place called Wild Play about 20 minutes north of Nanaimo. They have zip lines, and tree courses as well. It would be a great place to visit if you were looking for something adventurous to do on Vancouver Island!

Ty on the way up to the bridge!

Ty and some other guys in the office watching the first jumper.

Getting ready! He had to stand on the edge of this platform, bend his knees, and fall forward.

June 24, 2010

Vancouver, B.C.

One Saturday we all got up early and caught the ferry to Vancouver. (Well, we missed the ferry by 2 minutes, and got on the next one an hour later.) The ferry ride was easy! We got some lunch and visited. It went by really fast. Upon our departure off of the ferry we caught a bus that took us to Downtown Vancouver. We talked to quite a few locals on the bus who told us right where to go...Robson Street. Great shopping!
Robson Street

Alex and I on Robson Street! Couldn't contain the excitement!
We probably only saw about 2/3 of the street. It was pretty long.

The fabulous "Cupcakes" store. Can you see why we were attracted? Unfortunately I wasn't hungry, so I didn't get one. But it smelled and looked delicious!

We came across this VW Bug covered in...everything. There was a waterfall on the front, Canada themed accessories, toys, etc. We were wondering who did this, and the man happened to be sitting right behind us! I told him he should charge people a small fee to take pictures and what not, but he actually said that it's his "gift to Canada." He explained that the Canadian government helped him get through school, so he did this as pay back. Whatever works for him! It was pretty cool, and actually drivable!

Stanley Park

Stanley Park was this HUGE park right on the ocean. It contained harbours, walking trails, little shops to buy ice cream, and even the Vancouver Aquarium.

Vancouver sky line.

Bristol of course got an ice cream. She made a complete mess!

We got a sneak peak at the Vancouver Aquarium. Baby Beluga! Bristol LOVED them. It would normally cost $25 dollars and take a full day to go to the aquarium, so we opted for a little taste instead!

Bristol on the ferry ride home. Her outfit was all covered in ice cream, so changing was completely necessary! She was quite the show! I was tired from the day, and pretty much just let her have her moment. I think she may grow to be quite the entertainer.

June 23, 2010

A Rainy Day at the Park

Just down the street from where we live there is an elementary school with a nice little playground. It's a great place for Bris to just run around. She loves it. I thought she looked pretty cute all bundled up, so of course I took a few pictures. Here are my favorites!

Interested in Bristol's hat? Click here.

June 22, 2010

The Newest of News

My sister Ashley got her mission call!! She is going to serve the people of Cambodia! We are all so excited! I have never known anyone to serve there. We would love some information! If you know anything about that mission, feel free to let me know!

June 10, 2010


All of the locals here told us that we "HAD" to go to Coombs to see the goats on the roof. So, we did! Coombs is this tiny town, and the part that is so "famous" has a little market, a few shops, and yes-goats on the roof! We visited the fudge shop, ate some awesome ice cream, looked at some pretty funny statues, and visited some more little shops. It was pretty fun! Just a quaint little stop on the side of the road. I would definitely go back for the ice cream. SO GOOD!

A couple of goats on the roof!

June 9, 2010

It's Swing Time

Ty's office had a BBQ at a nearby park. We lucked out and were able to stick Bristol in the swing. It was her first time, and she LOVED it! An d hasn't stopped loving it!


Deer frequent our "back yard" every day. Usually there are two or three that come through, but this day just one. Bristol runs strait to the window as soon as she sees them and watches until they are gone. They provide some good entertainment! I'm pretty sure that they are called black tail deer. This deer is a yearling, and from what Ty says, WAY smaller than the deer in the states.

June 7, 2010

Lantzville Beach: This beach is mostly just rocks we found, but it spans forever! Really pretty!

Qualicum Beach: Qualicum Beach is one of our favorite places! We-the "Wives Club"- have so much fun walking up and down the beach! And Bristol just can't get enough of it! Bristol walked right into some water with her shoes on so I took them off thinking that she would love being barefoot in the sand...NOPE! Not so sure of the sand squishing in her toes!

If there is a bird in sight, Bris is gonna get 'em!

Alex carved a cute heart in the sand and got Bristol to stand in it for a picture! So cute!

These are "Geoducks." (Pronounced GOO-EE-DUCKS). We found them on the beach. It is a type of saltwater clam, a mollusk. They are really really gross looking out of the sand, but when they are in the sand they provide quite the entertainment. When you stomp on or near the hole it squirts water into the air and burrows even deeper into the sand. Pretty cool!

You can find more information on them here.

Litlle Qualicum Falls : 2

I took Ty to Little Qualicum Falls... I always feel bad seeing the sights without him so I have to retrace my steps! After forgetting my camera on the hike we went back to the car to grab it and take some shots just off of the parking lot. It is so foresty there!
And yes, we are laughing!

June 3, 2010

Canook Smarties!!!

These are my best edible find thus far in Canada. Nestle Smarties! I am in love with them. So wish that they had them in the states! I can already tell you that I will miss them when we move back in August. I will have to bring some back for sure! They are kind of a mix between M&M's and Sixletts...with a thicker shell. I don't know how to explain them best...but they are YUMMY!