February 24, 2010

My Fight with the Chesse Grater

Yup, we duked it out. Unfortunately the cheese grater won. How rude...and painful! I was just minding my own business when I felt a little pain. I ran to the sink to rinse the cheese off my finger, when I realized that I didn't have any cheese on my finger...it was skin...hanging skin. AHHH! Ty wasn't home, so I ran upstairs to my wonderful neighbors and asked for help. They are great surgeons. After stopping the bleeding, clipping some skin, and bandaging, I'm doing much better. A little pain, but it's alright! Thank you Perschons for saving my finger!

P.S. I'd post a picture, but it makes me a little queasy.

February 22, 2010

American Pride

Last night I was watching the Olympics and was just wondering something that maybe you have an answer for. There have been many award ceremonies where our National Anthem is played, and the American medalist standing on the podium doesn't place his/her hand over her heart. I'm kinda amazed. Maybe it's just me, but I would think that at the OLYMPICS, you would be more than willing to show pride for your country. I dunno, maybe that's just the American in me. I seem to notice more that when other country's anthems are played, the medalist is even singing their anthem. WOW. Well anyway, just my thoughts. What do you think?

February 18, 2010


So, I'm laying here in bed watching the Olympics and updating my books in "Goodreads." I feel so minute! There is a 16 year old in the Olympics, and some of my friends have hundreds of books "read" on Goodreads. Holy Crap! First, I can't think of all of the books that I have read, let alone read that many, and second, I couldn't even qualify to qualify to be in the Olympics. WOW. Well, all I can say is that I am a Mom. That is quite an accomplishment...right?

P.S. I absolutely love the winter Olympics. My favorite: Figure Skating. Even more specifically the Free Skating Long Program. Pairs and the short program are great, but with free skating I think that more personality comes out. You may wonder who my all time favorites are? Nancy Kerrigan, Scott Hamilton, Bryan Boytono, and Elvis Stoyko. Yes I saw them all live, and No I was never that big of a fan of Michele Kwan although she does fly over the ice with the greatest of ease...Just in case you wanted to know!

February 17, 2010


Bristol loves to dance. This is a little guy that my Dad gave my Mom last year for Valentine's day...which was given right to Bristol as soon as she fell in love with it. Now, she dances with it! So cute!
P.S. Isn't my Dad quite the romantic..."The Love Machine" for Valentine's Day. I think that it is quite hilarious!

February 16, 2010

Paradise aka McCall, Id

My favorite place in the WORLD is McCall, Id. I know I know....not too exciting for most, but I LOVE it. Ty, Bristol and I headed up there with our friends McCall and Cody. (I'm so naming one of my kids McCall:) ) It made for a really really long drive going straight there, but we had a blast. It started off with ice sculptures, followed by some sledding, and snow shoeing. So much fun.
The ice sculptures were a week old, and kinda melting/covered in new snow. But for the most part we could still tell what they were. I think its amazing what people can create!

This is how Bristol sleds! Unfortunately she missed most of the fun, and fell asleep before we even made it to the hill. Call me a bad mom, but I just let her sleep in the laundry basket while we did some major sledding. It was great!

I had never been snow shoe shoeing before, and I love it! Bristol did awesome in the pack. It was a perfect day for the event. I love it when the snow looks like diamonds in the sun. Too pretty!

Cosmic Bowling

A couple Saturdays ago Ty and I were sooooo incredibly bored. It wasn't great weather, so we needed to do something inside. We decided to go bowling! My cousins Kassie and Nick, as well as Ashley met us there. Bristol didn't quite know what to think, but we all had a good time!


January 27: For my birthday instead of presents I impressed upon Ty that maybe we could just go to SLC and do some shopping and go out to dinner. He thought it was a great idea (especially not having to pick out a present). It was a ton of fun! My dad was there for some business meetings and met us for ice cream. Of course he had to stop by the "Build A Bear" workshop because Bristol was pointing at the animals and buy her one...she is spoiled rotten. My mom even sent with my dad a shopping cart cover for me...so thrilling!

January 14, 1984: What would my life be like if Ty hadn't been born into the world? I'm so grateful for him and all that he does. He is such a great husband and daddy. We love him! We celebrated at home with cheesecake, and then later in the week had some friends/family over for a little party. It was so much fun!

Getting ready for the party.

Bristol and "cousin" Olivia. Only 1 month apart!


February 14, 2010

I'm A Believer

I'm a believer.
I believe that God lives and LOVES us.
I believe that latter day miracles DO exist.
I believe that trials ARE blessings.
I believe that PRAYER is REAL.

I have been following Baby Bronson's story, after hearing about it on another friend's blog. This is amazing.

February 3, 2010

To Text or Not to Text: This really is the question

So, maybe this post will be a little bit more thoughtful than my other posts, but I truly am contemplating this. A while ago Oprah had a show on the many car accidents caused by texting. I was watching this and completely amazed. First: Why would anyone text and drive? Especially with children in the car. (Along the same lines as doing your makeup while driving....never understood that either...). Second: I believe that texting is more evidence that the world is trying to move too quickly each day. I have realized that because of texting, I don't talk to many people that I used to LOVE talking to. I MISS it terribly. AND, from a teaching standpoint, I believe that texting is creating not only poor communication skills, but also bad grammer etc. However, from a business standpoint (Thanks Ty) I completely understand how texting can help you out a bit. I'm not completely against texting, but what is wrong with a phone call? It takes just as long! Seriously, I'm thinking about not texting, but calling and seeing how I like it. What are your thoughts on the whole texting issue?

February 1, 2010


For quite a few hours before Kick Off we partied like rock stars at the tail gate party....eating ice cream, nachos, hot dogs. How much better could it get?

My cousin Brandon, and my Uncles Billy and Ryan

Grandma and Grandpa were even there!

My high school dance coach, Julie, is the cheer coach for BSU. She's awesome. And to the left of her is Clair, a girl from my ward. So fun to see them in the parade!

Pre-Game Hopefulls!

Post-Game Super Happy Smiley Faces!


Leaving Arizona. Have you ever gotten on to a plane through the butt? We have! :0

All in all, we had a GREAT time. Thanks DAD for the AWESOME trip. I'll never forget it!

Shakes...and New Years!

FUNNY STORY! It is a family favorite of ours to make extra thick milk shakes. We love them, and my dad is quite the enthusiest...However, this has meant many busted blenders in the past. A guy that my dad knows from work has all boys and are the same way with their shakes, but they know the secret to not killing "mom's blender." Use a drill with a special attachment. Works like a charm, and the shakes come out nice and thick. YUM!

This year for new years we were in McCall, Id. It was great! We had an awesome dinner at my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Scott's along with great goodies, a great game of ROOK, and some great fireworks. There is nothing but fields and mountains behind the house, so the guys go out back in the snow and light of TONS of LEGAL (???) fireworks that my Grandpa provides while we women watch from the upstairs window. I haven't quite figured out my camera in the dark, but the pics still turned out pretty cool.


The boys went hunting not too long after Christmas, and this was the prize...birds birds birds. Notice the matching pants? Christmas gifts for Grant and Ty. Obviously my dad assists in the Christmas shopping. Ya know the saying "Boys will be Boys?" Well, it rings true with this crew!