July 28, 2009


Ty had this Monday off, so of course we wanted to do something fun! Santa Cruz is about 40 minutes from our apartment, so we packed up the car and made a day of it! Kate and Grant came with us too! We had so much fun, and Bristol was an absolute delight! TyRell carried her around all day looking for star fish, sea shells, and anything interesting he could dig up. They are such good buddies. The weather was beautiful. Not too hot, not too chilly either. It was a blast!

July 14, 2009

We Are Back!

Bristol and I had so much fun in Boise this past week. So much to do! First, we had a great 4th of July celebration. We spent the day in Boise at my Grandparent's, and then the evening watching the fireworks from the boat in McCall. Then we had a great week in McCall, and another weekend in Boise.


The giant slide my grandparent's rented! So fun!

Bristol's first boat ride and fireworks! She didn't even get scared!

Of course, Bristol decided to roll over for her very first time in Boise. Ty was mad he missed it, but I got it on video and camera. so its all good! She is so funny, she grunts and grunts until she makes it onto her belly, and then she is all smiles!



Bristol got a new pool toy! She loves it! Her first time in it at Nana and Grandpa's pool was so much fun. Of course, Huck could not stand her being in the water and had to be as close to her as possible without jumping in himself. And he had to whine at her the whole time. It was so funny. She loves the water though! Atta girl!

After getting back from our trip to Boise and McCall, we drove down to SanFran to see the Golden Gate Bridge and go out to dinner and such. We hadn't seen Ty in a whole week, so it was fun to spend time with eachother! Bristol wasn't having her best of days, so it was kinda stressful, but we made the best of it! It was fun walking around with her...everyone had to stop and take a look at her. She is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Golden Gate Bridge

July 2, 2009

Off to Boise/McCall

As obsessed as I have become with blogging lately, I will be taking a vacation from it for 10 whole days! Bristol and I are off to Boise and McCall for some vacation time. There will be a lot of firsts,boating, fireworks, swimming in Grandpa's pool, huckleberry picking, etc., so I'll have a ton to blog when I get back!Can't wait! See ya soon!