May 28, 2011

Things to do before I die #1

Raft the Grand Canyon

Caution! Rambling on ahead!

Don't think I'm crazy posting this as my #1...because these are in no particular order. But have you ever woken up and thought to yourself "Why didn't I do that when I had the chance?" Well, I do it a lot and then have to stop myself because I am happy being a mommy. However, there are some things that I just can't let go. The most fresh on my mind is this Grand Canyon trip. To raft the Grand Canyon you must draw a permit. The process has recently changed into a lottery type situation, but it used to be that you would put your name in and wait. Well, my Uncle finally drew a permit this year after waiting 25 years! I KNOW!!! INSANE!!! So, I have grown up knowing that I would be able to go once someone drew. Well, the trip is over 2 weeks long and I have 2 kids, and one is 3 months old. As a teenager I told myself " I can't be married or have kids so that I can go down the Grand Canyon." Ha! Look at me now. So, guess who went in my stead? That's right, my Mr. I'm actually glad that he could go. I just hope he realizes that had he not married me, he most likely would have never gone. So, thanks are in order ;) But day I'll be there taking on the white water. As for now, it's on my list!

What is on your list?

More to come...

May 18, 2011


It's a little late now that Tytan is over half way to three months, but here are his two month stats:

16.8 pounds-97%

23 1/2 inches-97%

head circumference-over 100% (literally off the charts)

And now for greater happenings.

We FINALLY blessed Tytan

May 15, 2011

Logan, Ut

Clearly the whole family was so excited!

And here is the "little" man in all of his glory. The blessing was absolutely perfect! In our faith we bless our babies in church to put their name upon the records of the church, and bless him with any blessings that our Heavenly Father sees fit. It was beautiful. Both the Stevens and the Ereksons were there to support us! And I must say that "Big T.'' as we call him was adorable in his white and blue!

May 5, 2011

A New Way

Usually when I read a book I:

read the last sentance (I know, I'm terrible.)

Start at the very beginning and read every page until the end

That is what I have done every time I read my favorite book

Not this time!

This time I'm doing things a bit differently.

This time I:

picked a topic in the Topical Guide (Bible)

read every verse listed (and possible surrounding verses to fully understand concept)


Maybe you should try it :)

I started with "Jesus Christ"

It's long, but what a better place to start!