April 20, 2009


Interested in a funny story? Well, it wasn't funny when it happened, but here it goes. My sister Ashley, Bristol, and I were driving back from Boise to Logan last night. We were about five minutes from Logan when the car in front of us hit a skunk, but guess who got the spray? We did. I was reclined in the passenger seat when all of a sudden Ash swirved into the other lane and said "Oh my gosh." I flew up, and she said that we just got sprayed by a skunk. Instantly the car reeked. I started feeling like throwing up. The smell was so bad. When I finally got home Ty told me that both me and the baby reeked like skunk. I was beside myself and ripped all of the babie's clothes off and quickly got her smelling better, and then delt with me. My hair was so bad! Now, our apartment smells like skunk, the outside of our car has skunk oil all over it, and the inside of the car makes me want to barf. It is so bad! Luckily the agriculture department on campus has a solution that will help...so until then! Happy Skunk!

April 13, 2009

President Monson Pictures

So forever ago I posted that I met the prophet and that I had pictures to prove it. So, for all of you non believers, here they are!

This is my family and I waiting in the conference room. This is the famous room that you see in the Ensign and what not where the First Presidency are photographed.

My dad receiving his award.

A family photo with the Prophet.

Have you ever seen a Joseph Smith nutcracker? You have now! And yes, He is holding the brass plates. Gotta love it!

President Monson giving us a performance on the piano, and telling us stories. He is full of them!

April 8, 2009

A few more pics

So, still no camera cord. These are some pictures of Bristol that my sister posted on facebook! Thanks Kate!

April 7, 2009

The World of Moms

So, being a mommy is absolutely wonderful. I LOVE IT! However...I am totally exhausted and cry sometimes because I just don't know what to do. Bristol's personality is totally coming out these days! She is not a quiet sleeper. She grunts and groans while she is sleeping which makes me think she is going to wake up all of the time. But she really is a good baby. It just takes some getting used to! Who would have ever thought that what used to take me 10 minutes (like doing the dishes or my makeup) would now take over a 1/2 hour? Nothing can quite prepare you for motherhood, but 'my cup runeth over' with so much joy. I love my little girl! As for more recent pictures-I lost my camera cord. So, the only pics I have on the computer are from Ty's phone. I'm hoping to buy a new cord tomorrow though, so until then!