July 14, 2008

Cookie Anyone?

Every week the guys out here have the chance to hit their "dinner goal" by reaching their weekly goal of installations. This week the guys made it, so we went to dinner on the company! Yay! We went to this restaraunt called "The Elephant Bar" where the food is okay, but the dessert is awesome! Ty and I ordered this giant ice cream cookie! It was so good!


Jocelyn said...

The best thing to order at the Elephant Bar is the Orange Shrimp. I get it every time, now. Congrats to the boys for making their goal. :)

Heidi & Derek said...

That thing is huge!! I want one!

Diana Hulme said...

Yum. Looks like you guys are having fun in Cali. Huntington Beach is one of my favorites too! I'm jealous - it's cold & windy here in San Francisco in the summer. :)
Where will you be living in the fall?