March 5, 2009


Finally! Here are some much anticipated pictures of Hawaii...I know you have all been waiting...LOL! As flattering as some people may think that pregnant girls are in bathing suits, I must say that I was pretty camera shy, sorry. After a long flight, I had KANKLES....yes, true blue kankles. It was pretty ugly. However, Hawaii was a blast and I am so proud of Ty for working so hard last summer to earn the trip. He put in a lot of hours, and it paid off! The weather in Hawaii wasn't the greatest (rain every day) but we did get in some good beach time and had a blast at the PCP!

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James and Kirsten said...

I know it's crazy! We're so happy for Eth! He is way excited and it's fun to see him so thrilled. My other lil bro Stefan will get his call in a couple weeks. How are you guys? Fun hawaii pics! It's wierd to see you pregnant! That's so exciting though! How are you feeling? If I left a flower plate at your place I'd need that back. It goes to our set. Maybe give it to Ty or something cause he see's james on campus i think. If's a gift :)