January 22, 2010

Early Morning Blues

What is it with babies not forming good sleep habits? AHHHH! I need some Zzzzz's. My pediatrician suggested a sleep study...HA! I have to wonder how well those work...First you drive your baby all the way to Primary Children's Hospital, then put them in a completely unfamiliar sleep environment and expect them to sleep the same way they do in their own bed so that doctors can determine what is going on. Whatever, I think that I'll just go with the wrestless leg syndrome theory as for now. :)


Kayli Nagel said...

Oh every parent goes through this. I went out and bought every child's sleep book I could to learn the best techniques. I don't know how old your baby is but the books that worked the best for me were. "The Happiest Baby on the Bock" by Dr. Harvey Karp (0-3 months though we used the techiques from this one till Will was 5 months old. And actually get the movie not the book. It shows the techiques better.) After that we used Dr. Ferber's "How to solve your child's sleep problems." Also you could talk to your Dr. about natural supplements that make your child relax to help teach her how to sleep. We used one called Valerian Super Calm. The thing is that even if she starts sleeping through the night, they will stop for a period of time again. So it's not going to last forever but when you get it, it is soo nice!

chocolatecoveredgummiebears said...

I know, I'm so tired of being tired! Good luck!

Emily and Owen Johnston said...

I'm sorry Steph:( I'm going through the same thing. Some nights Evie will do so so well, and then the next night is HORRIBLE! What are we gonna do? My mom told me I didn't start sleeping through the night till I was 1 1/2 years old......guess this is my payback!