January 27, 2011

Birthdays and Bristolisms

Today for my birthday we went out to dinner and then ice cream at Charly's. So good! Bristol was being absolutely hilarious. She sure keeps us on our toes. Here is the scene:
In Charly's
Ty and I sitting in a booth, one other couple sitting adjacent to us eating their ice cream. Bristol was walking around trying to avoid putting her coat back on.
Bristol pointing to the other couple: "Ice cream. I want it."
Ty: "No. You can't have it."
Bristol: "I can't have it."
Ty picking up Bristol to leave: "Say bye bye."
Bristol: "Bye bye...ice cream."

She is so absolutely funny. Children are the best. I love Bris to pieces!


mental monika said...

I love the Bristolism! Gotta admit, my little one's antics are still pretty much nonverbal (her two words being Dada and Guck (duck)). Thanks for sharing!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday again!! Bristol looks adorable in her hat!!