May 30, 2012

Visiting Teaching Tales...

I am a Visiting Teacher. In The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, all women have a special privilege to be a Visiting Teacher, and to be "visit taught." As a Visiting Teacher we watch over other Sister's in the church, help them when they need it, and share a gospel related message with each other once a month.

This month was like any other. I was off with my Visiting Teaching Companion to visit two ladies. Unlike other months, I brought my two kiddos. *Sigh*

Our first stop went ok. Bristol whispered in my ear the whole time "Mom, there is a swing outside." In which I would stroke her face and nod while still trying to direct my attention to the two other women I was with. After telling me this a few too many times, she finally decided to make herself at home by climbing up to the table and coloring.

Not bad....

Then we were off to stop #2. Tytan was screaming, and Bristol was a bit agitated. So upon her request, I rolled Bristol's window down. I had never had a problem with this before. But there is always room for something new to happen! We were driving merrily along when all of a sudden my companion yelled "Bristol just dropped Belle out the window!" *Sigh*

I pulled over, turned around, and we looked for Belle along the road and canal. But to no avail, we couldn't find her. I said a little prayer in my mind...well it was kinda a prayer. "Heavenly Father, I'm doing my Visiting Teaching, which is what you would have me do! Please don't let Belle be lost forever!" I returned to the car to find Bristol screaming as my companion explained that she would buy Bristol another one. *Sigh* 

We kept driving, but the sign that said "road closed" really meant "road closed" and we had to take a detour in which we found Belle on our way back! All in all Visiting Teaching was a success, and another prayer answered!

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