August 3, 2012

I thought I hated laundry...

I thought I hated doing laundry. And then it happened on this 
" good, very bad day."

The day was going to be great. 
We were going to leave home and head for the mall.
Meet my sister and her kids. Shop. Play.Eat.
Go to a park and play some more. 
But it didn't happen quite like that.

We were off to a good start. The kids were being so good as I got ready, and packed the diaper bag for the day out. T. even ate his eggs, which he had never had before.
So we get in the car and begin our 30 minute drive.We are almost to our exit on the freeway when...Power Barf. Explosion Barfing. Everywhere. Bristol says "Mom, Tytan is throwing up!" It finally stops and T lets out a big sigh. I can't pull over, so I take my exit and park in the parking lot. It's bad. Poor Big T. Those eggs didn't like him.I head to my Mom's house where I pull everything out of the car to clean. It took 1 hour. Why so long? It was everywhere, and to top it off the car seat cover wouldn't come off. Plan B: spray it off with the hose. And what does T do that whole time? Go inside and eat some bread and crackers while playing with my sisters. He is totally fine. I finally finish cleaning and head inside. Take off my shoes, and rest for a minute. I then decide to head to the mall again. But wait! There is dog crap on my shoes! I can't believe it. (Thank you neighbor dog for always pooping in my parent's yard.) So, to get the barf smell out of my nose, I go scrub some crap off of my shoes. I don't know which smells worse.

Well, we make it to the mall. Before heading in I check my face in the mirror. Wow, I already look tired! Wait a minute...I forgot mascara on the bottom lashes of my left eye. Great! That looks good. Oh well!

I buy T a shirt to replace his messy one, and we have a good time. We skip the park, and head home.

Laundry. It's catch up day. Lots to get done. First load washed and headed for the dryer. WHAT? The dryer didn't dry the last load. Argh. After another cycle through the dryer, the clothes still aren't dry. Heating element not heating! So, what happens? The clothes hang dry on the back porch. Thankfully my neighbor doing yard work made sure he wasn't creating  too much dust for my clothes. Haha! A smidget of humor for the day. It only lasted a second until I started hanging my underwear and began feeling humiliated. Don't worry, my mom assured me that nobody would be able to actually tell I was hanging my underwear. Thanks Mom...

So, there you have it. A long day. Grateful to laugh about it now!


Stephanie Walburger said...

Oh my! Steph that sounds like the BEST day EVER!!!!! haha! I shouldn't laugh! Cause Now I'll get it! But seriously talk about one thing after another!!!

Christine said...

oh my! Egg throw up is definitely the absolute WORST. We had egg throw up one day from the little man in our back seat too, of course on a trip back from the coast one day. Let's just say we left the windows down :)