September 28, 2012

My T.

Can I just tell you how much joy this little man brings me? I just can't soak up enough of him. That blonde hair, those blue eyes, and that gut. Man alive it gets me every time. You should see him strut around! And can I add that he is the most pleasant little thing. 

He is just barely 19 months old. Time just goes by too quickly. (Yes, I do have 18 month photos, but converting them from RAW is just posing a large problem...) He loves to play, and be included in on the fun with his big sister. He is a lovey dovey baby. It's so great! He is still my baby, and it's just going to stay that way for a little while!
September 2012

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Jacob and Jillian said...

He looks so big! What happened its only been like a month since I've seen him. He's just a big cutie!