April 20, 2009


Interested in a funny story? Well, it wasn't funny when it happened, but here it goes. My sister Ashley, Bristol, and I were driving back from Boise to Logan last night. We were about five minutes from Logan when the car in front of us hit a skunk, but guess who got the spray? We did. I was reclined in the passenger seat when all of a sudden Ash swirved into the other lane and said "Oh my gosh." I flew up, and she said that we just got sprayed by a skunk. Instantly the car reeked. I started feeling like throwing up. The smell was so bad. When I finally got home Ty told me that both me and the baby reeked like skunk. I was beside myself and ripped all of the babie's clothes off and quickly got her smelling better, and then delt with me. My hair was so bad! Now, our apartment smells like skunk, the outside of our car has skunk oil all over it, and the inside of the car makes me want to barf. It is so bad! Luckily the agriculture department on campus has a solution that will help...so until then! Happy Skunk!


Jess said...

Yuck! I hope the smell is gone. When are you guys moving?

So I just have always liked cake decorating, I took a 4-H class when I was like 10 and then I took one from Wilton a couple years ago, but really I just kind of play around and experiment. Depending on what you want to do there are lots of supplies to buy, Wilton is the big brand for cake decorating...hope that helps.

Diana Hulme said...

How fun that you’ll be in Santa Clara for the summer! We’ll definitely have to get together. I want to see your cute little baby! :) And I’d love to take some pictures of her. Let me know when you’re here & we’ll have to schedule something.