June 12, 2009

Ashley in INDIA!

Last year my sister Ashley spent just over a month or so in India volunteering at the Rising Star Outreach school for children. She loved it so much that she was promoted to volunteer there again this summer for three months! Although I miss her terribly, I know that she is doing amazing service. The children at the school stay there for nine whole months, and for the remaining three stay with their families in the leprosy colonies. Ashley is in charge of training tutors to help the children with their English, and is also in charge of nightly dinners for the volunteers. Her e-mail is quite slow there, but I recieve an e-mail about once a week from her. She is having an amazing experience! She stays extremely busy, showers with frogs, melts in the heat, and running from monkeys and snakes. She quite likes the excitement! These are not pictures that she has taken, but some for the Rising Star Outreach website. (I know, I probably shouldn't use them....but I love them!)

The School

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