June 3, 2009


So, I still consider myself a blogging idiot! I can't figure a few things out. If anyone can help me out, I would surely appreciate it!
#1. I hate that poop brown background color. If anyone knows how to change it, let me knwo!
#2. A ton of people have those really fun picture collages where there is more than one picture, some different sizes, all clumped together. I would love to know how to do that!
#3. I was trying to post a new picture under the title at the top, but it won't let me post a big one, just a teeny one. I don't get it!

So, if any of you excellent bloggers could help me out it would be awesome!


Wade, Janalyn & Wookie said...

So i feel really bad that I haven't called!!! Things have been crazy with school. I will call you and give you the low down!!!

Emily and Owen Johnston said...

You have the cutest pictures! How are you guys doing in California? I always saw Katlyn at Kid to Kid and we would chat for a little while! She is really cute! Anyway, if you sign into your blog and then go to "layout" and then in the upper left hand hand their is a spot for "fonts and texts" if you click on that it takes you to a page that will give you options for background color, text color..etc... Hope that helps!! Good luck!