October 1, 2009

A Bit About Bristol

Please forgive me, she is all I blog about anymore...but how can I not when she consumes my every breath?! So, here is a bit about her personality!
Feet! YES, Feet! Sock/shoes on or off
Sleeping with mom and dad early in the morning
Going for walks
Hearing the song "Isn't She Lovely"
Putting everything in her mouth!
Playing peek a boo with dad

Getting her mouth wiped after eating
Wearing shoes
Getting her toys taken away
Getting strapped into her carseat
Seeing mom, but not being held by mom
Having a wet diaper

It is absolutely amazing to me how fast Bristol changes and how quickly she picks up on things. One day she can't sit up, the next she can! WOW! I feel like I can't blink because I will miss something! She is my favorite!


Emily and Owen Johnston said...

How fun!! Isn't it crazy how one day the can't do something and the next day they can!! You sound like you are loving being a mom!!!

monika . . . me! said...

Hey, you never need to apologize for blogging about cute babies! Now if your baby was ugly, maybe I'd have a different opinion, lol! Seriously, it's fun hearing what you're doing . . . and in a way it helps me not feel guilty for not working and being a stay-at-home mom again. =)

James and Kirsten said...

Hey Steph! We never made it your way! Would have loved to meet little Bristol. Hope all is well. Maybe we can meet up around Christmas when we're back in town. What are your plans?