October 12, 2009

Logan Canyon

I am so behind on posting everything we have been up to! A few weeks ago we took a drive up Logan canyon. It was still pretty warm outside, wo walking around 2nd Dam was perfect! Ty was mad he didn't have his fishing pole because everyone around us were catching a ton, but we still had a good time! We love being outside!

P.S. Bristol did get a little whisker burn from dad...oh the lovely times of beards! Gotta love 'em!


Melissa Bailey said...

She looks awfully cute :)

monika . . . me! said...

I love how your daughter matches both of you in those pics! I'm good if my new one simply doesn't clash with at least one person, lol.

Dustin and Lyndsey Wright said...

What a cute family!! I love your pictures, your daughter is precious! She is the perfect mix of you two!