November 4, 2009

All Hallows Eve...What a Bash!

My Grandparents hosted a Halloween party fully put together by Ashley. It was so much fun. The only requirement...we all had to dress up. It was great! We had a pumpkin carving contest, costume contest, and treat contest.

Ty and I dressed up in clothes from the early 1900's, Bristol was a pretty pink bunny, Chrissy was M.C. Hammer, Ashley-Amelia Eirheart, Mom-witch, Dad dressed as he always does when we get picked up for our first date, Kate-white trash pregnant mom, Grant-BABY...sick!, Hailey-pirate, and Annie was the entre. What a bunch!

The party was great. Good food, good company, and a great haunted house in the garage...about that. Well, Ashley (If you know Ash, you are already laughing) had a fog machine that she was testing out in our house in the kitchen. Bad idea...the smoke alarm went off. I was napping, the guys were at Cabelas, and my mom just started running around the house in a panic. The phone line was siezed because of the security system, so ADT called my mom's cell phone. She told them not to send the firetruck that we were all ok. Next thing, we hear the sirens coming from the fire station about two city blocks from our house. My mom started crying. So, I ran outside to meet and greet those hefty fire boys ;) adn told them that my mom was too embarrassed and out of her mind to come outside. They all started laughing but had to come in and check everything out anyway. My mom was so embarassed, but they were really nice and got on their way. I guess we will see how nice the bill is?! So, the house was still smoky, so I sent Ash to her room because my mom could hardly talk to any of us. So, we all kinda disappeared in the basement until we heard mom call down "I'm ok now. You can all come back up." What a day, what a day. Nothing is boring when Ashley is around!

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Randy said...

So why didn't katelyn dress up? LOL