November 16, 2009

Recent Happenings

We went on yet another hike somewhere up Logan Canyon, and we ran into this moose! Honestly, I was scared because of the recent story of a moose trying to attack Ty's Dad, but this one hardly noticed we were there. Pretty cool!

A new found "containment" chair. This is the best while mom does her makeup!

Bristol is still not crawling, but she still manages to roll around and find fun things to get into. I caught her pulling out DVDs. This apaprtment is going to be terrible to baby proof. She is so darling though!

Bristol LOVES to stare down my cousin Nick Kennedy. It is so funny! She just stares at him, and he could be doing anything, but she won't look away!


Amanda said...

Love Bristol sitting in the sink. Jackson use to love to do that too. It is so cute!

Randy said...

What do you expect? She finally gets to look at a handsome man! Bristol has good taste.