August 18, 2010

Canada Day & Gettin to Victoria

July 2, 2010: Happy Canada Day!

Yes, we were living in a hotel. Yes, it was raining. But we still had a fun time! In downtown Nanaimo we watched the flag parade and bought some treats! Don't ask me the history behind Canada Day, because I have no idea. But it was a great excuse to get out and have a good time. (Especially knowing that the 4th of July would be spent moving and not quite celebrating.)

Little did we know...

4th of July, 2010: Happy 4th USA!

Ugh...we had no idea what that day would bring. We LOADED up the subaru so much that my feet had to ride on the dashboard. The drive was 1hr 30 minutes, so I was dying! We were excited to know that we were going ot be living in a house in Victoria. So cool! A yard for Bris to play in and everything. However, when we got there I wouldn't even get out of the car. The place was a nasty disaster with overflowing toilettes and carpets that had never met a vaccuum. (I did eventually brave it). Alright I thought, I can hire a cleaning crew to just come sweep this place clean. Thought #2, I'm not living here. There was a guy living on the main floor and we would live upstairs. No separate entrances, no door to lock at the top of the stairs so this guy couldn't get into my living space. Can you believe it? Some random guy would be living downstairs. Well, that place didn't work out. Nobody blamed us either. So we waited a little bit and then thankfully moved into a place. (I still feel guilty Walburgers.) The highlight of the day was eating at Red Robin! Good ol' American food. That was our 4th of July celebration! we missed being at home celebrating with families. Hope you all had a great time!

Victoria: Welcome to Victoria! It is beautiful here! The week we moved had to have been record breaking temperatures. We have no AC, and it was hot outside which only meant eating cold treats and playing in the water. We are pretty good at that!

Disclaimer: I know...I'm way behind on posting...sorry so late! I'm getting there!

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