August 10, 2010

Menu Board

I want to make this! It is so easy to make (even for craft dummies like me) and uses a lot of materials that I already have! Also...great for a meal planner like me. I will not go to the grocery store without a meal plan. And the coolest part is that if you plan seven meals it usually will last you 9 or 10 days because of left-overs or last minute eat out nights. The trick is to save the meals for last whose ingredients won't go bad if they sit longer than a week! (Pasta, meatloaf, etc.) I think that I might add a dessert list too, if I can make it fit!


chocolatecoveredgummiebears said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing, what a fantastic idea, I just may have to try it!

Michele said...

That is SUCH a cute idea!! You know what I was thinking too? Instead of getting vinyl on the frame, you could just type it up right onto the paper. And you could also have another paper with a typed "TO DO:" on it so that you could switch them out whenever you wanted. But I like throwing in desserts on there too, that's the best part! ;)