October 13, 2010

18 Months and Counting

My sister Ashley entered the MTC today. I can't believe it. Last night I said my "goodbyes," and then this morning she forgot something and came back. Argh. It's ok though, I got to snap one last picture, and she was so excited to get to Provo that I didn't even shed a tear (this morning I mean.) She will be in the MTC until 30 December 2010 where she will depart to Cambodia. She will be a great missionary. I know that everyone says that about their siblings serving missions, but she really will be.

Bristol and Ashley 3 hours before entering the MTC

Last night I was laying in bed thinking about how time is such a valuable gift. You can do so much with time, but in the same instant it flies by.

In 18 months my daughter will be 3 years old.

In 18 months my unborn son will be 14 months old.

In 18 months TyRell will be done with his masters program.

In 18 months I have no idea where we will be living or where Ty will be working.

In 18 months Ashley will be home from her mission.
A lot is going to happen and I know looking back it will seem like it flew by. But right now 18 months seems like FOREVER to say goodbye. The people of Cambodia are real lucky to have her. And as her Bishop put it at her farewell "Cambodia will never be the same after Ashley has been there."


Natalie Moon said...

I heard she was serving a mission. That's wonderful! As a sister, it would be so hard to say goodbye. But you're right, time does fly by!

mental monika said...

Wow, isn't it hard to imagine your little girl at age 3? Especially when you look at your picture on top of your blog when she was so tiny?

kris said...

so much does change, but she will have the greatest 18 months ever. I still dream about being back on my mission and feeling that fire. I can't wait for the time when Jake and I get to serve more missions together.

Brandon and Amanda Brady said...

Congrats on having a little boy!! That will be so fun! And your sister will be home before you know it. You'll have to little babes to occupy your time. :)