September 10, 2011

Alive and Lovin' It

Yes, we are alive. I know you were all getting worried. As most of you, August flew by in a wink and September is upon us! We are doing so great! We bought a home in Middleton, Id. (pictures to come) and we couldn't be more content! There is just something about having your OWN place!

Bristol B is quite the princess these days. She just talks and talks, and has quite the dance moves. She loves her new house, but when asked "Bristol, who's house is this?" she replies "Scott's." You see, Uncle Scott came to help us move in. I think she is a little bit confused! She'll get used to it. The poor girl has lived in 7 different "homes'' now, so I don't blame her!

Big T is still big! Weighing in at 24 lbs at 6 months. Whew! I can hardly believe it, my arms can though! He LOVES his baby food, and anything else to put in his mouth. He rolls all over the place and is really close to sitting up on his own. His most favorite thing to do is watch his big sister. Probably the cutest adoration I have ever witnessed!

That's all for now! When we get internet, I'll be on more often!

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Case said...

Glad things are settling down and going well!! Can't wait to see you!!!