August 21, 2011

Annual McCall trip

Warning: A lot of pictures!

McCall was so great! How could it not be? Only thing to make it better would have been TyRell there with us. Nonetheless, we had a great time!

After doing some skiing on the boat, Bristol sat on my wet lap. This made her have to "go" if ya know what I mean. So we had to strip her naked! She made the walk up to the cabin very entertaining, stopping to pick flowers on the way.

My little Diva!

Roasting smores. An Erekson family favorite...
Both moms and all three grandkids! What a shot!

Nana and Grandad along for a boat ride.

Bristol loves her ice cream. Doesn't get much better than Ice Cream Alley! We love it there! HUGE scoops for not much! Bristol's favorite is "pink" ice cream. The mixture of pink ice cream and hot weather made quite a mess!
Bristol's first tube ride!
"Faster Grandpa!"
Home made ice cream...mmmmm!

Uncle Grant brought home the BEST hammocks from his mission in Brazil. We had too much fun being lazy in them together!

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