February 24, 2012

Big T. is ONE!

My Dearest Tytan,

You are 1 year old today! I can't believe it. Time has gone by so fast, and you have grown so much. I remember the first time that I held you. We were still in the operating room in Logan, Utah. I was being sewn back up, and you were just minutes old. I fell in love with you the instant that our eyes met. And laughed when I heard your lips smacking. You were so hungry! Mommy's Dr. nicknamed you "Bubba" because you were 9lbs 15oz. and 21 inches long. But you  were my tiny baby! Always will be!
minutes old with Mom and Dad

Nurses in the hospital couldn't get over how much you ate, and how fast you gulped it down. I couldn't get over how small you made the other babies in the nursery look!
right after your first bath
Your sister was so excited to meet you when you got home. She held you...for a few seconds. She prays for you every night. She loves you so much.

You have grown so much since that day! You now weigh 27lbs 8oz and are 31 1/2 inches tall! Your family is in love with you! You are so sweet, and such a cuddler. Your big blue eyes stop everyone! You are busy busy every day, but a really good sleeper at night! Here are some things that you love to do!
swim in the bath tub
get into the pantry
army crawl everywhere
be outside
talk through the window at Ruby
play with Daddy
love on Mommy
play "peek a boo"
say "broom broom" while you play with cars and trucks
chase balls around on the floor
read books
suck your thumb
snuggle with your blanky
climb up the stairs
bang on the dryer
dance to music
follow mommy's every step
pull yourself up to furniture
climb into the dish washer
eat some more
You are such a joy and an easy going baby! You are entertained by the smallest things, and love to eat! Riding in the car you sing and talk to yourself. You love your older sister and want to do everything she is doing! Your laugh makes me laugh, and on rare occasions when you cry, it breaks my heart. Most everyone calls you "Big T." Grandpa Erekson gave you that nickname. We thought that it was quite fitting. I love you so much. You bring joy to my everyday. And at night, I still check on you before I go to bed. Here is to another fun filled year of growing, loving, and learning. 


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Case said...

1 year!!! That means only a month to go for us! Happy Birthday Tytan! We miss you!