February 1, 2012

One Of My Heroes

Have I talked about Jenny Oaks Baker before on my blog? She is one of the Nation's most accomplished violinists. She is a graduate from Julliard, and has played all across the United States. She plays the most beautiful music, and she is training her children to do the same. She is one of my heroes. Why? She is an accomplished violinist, a mom, and someone who shares the same faith that I do. And she functions! I am amazed at her talent, and so blessed that she has chosen the career path that she has. Words just can't express the feelings and emotions that come from her music. Even better, she has been nominated for a Grammy! AH!

My father met Her father, Elder Dallin H. Oaks at a Christmas dinner for his work. My dad told Him of my infatuation with Jenny, which led to great stories, and me e-mailing Jenny and her e-mailing me back! I couldn't believe it. I think I should probably print that one out. Anyway, she plays beautifully. One day I will hear her play live! I have a signed CD from her too. Isn't that just great? Well before I get any more goo goo gah gah'd over her, check this out.

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Nicole said...

That is beautiful! They are all so talented.