June 23, 2012

Thinking Outside of the Car...Saves Lives.

I remember when I got my license. I was completely "stoked". The terminology I believe I used at the time. I drove home and then had a nice talk with my parents. 

"Be careful when you have friends in the car."
"Don't listen to your music too loud. It's distracting."
"Keep your eyes on the road at all times."

I felt so limited! But, I followed the rules and have never been in an accident.

12 years later it is so much the same, but with so many more "limitations."

First. Cell phones. Not exactly "Outside of the Car," but a large cause of accidents. We all have 'em. We all can't live without 'em. I too feel "naked" when I don't have mine with me. They are great! Just not when it comes to texting, web surfing, etc. If I'm on a short drive through the city I leave mine in my purse. If it rings or buzzes, so what. I'll check it later. If I'm on a long drive it's in between my legs. But no texting. 

Second. Pedestrians/Cyclists. Watch out! They are everywhere. Share the road, don't try to beat them through the intersection. Be careful of children playing. They'll dart off into the road. Cyclists. I could rant, but I am one. It's different when all you have between you and a car is your handlebars. They have to be defensive and make sure others see them. It's too easy not to see them.

Sorry for the rant, and bit of information.We have had a couple of close calls. One of them just today. People not paying attention to the road and the others around them.  I drive a lot living out in the country, and it gives me a lot of time to think about things. And, my babies in the backseat are a constant reminder that everyone out there is somebody's baby. It's not worth the phone call or text, updating your status, or passing a car to get there 1 minute earlier. Those aren't worth somebody's baby.

***On a lighter note. I took two little kids to see "Brave" today in theaters. So good!***

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