November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012: Part 2 of 3

Bristol has been loving her preschool. She goes twice a week, and I'm sure she would go more. And the best part is that her teacher, Miss Michelle, loves having parties! The day before Halloween they had a class party that all of the mom's and little siblings could attend. 
Barnyard Brigade Class Party!
Costume Parade

Class picture!

Relay game

Bristol then had dance class on Halloween, which also calls for a party. These little girls wore their costumes, danced, colored, and had some healthy treats! (Boy was I grateful for that!) Bristol adores her dance teacher, Miss Kim, and her assistant Vanea. 

Big T is lucky enough to have some "guy time" with Dad during Bristol's dance classes. Ty works just down the street, and class is at noon aka lunch break! So Big T and dad took off Bristol a new Cinderella for her pumpkin. Apparently our dog Ruby likes to eat little Cinderella's. But sshhhh, Bristol doesn't quite know exactly what happened. 

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