November 13, 2012

Our Night @ PEDS

 Sweet and Condensed Version:
Big T was taken to the ER at 4:30 AM on Saturday November 10th. He was than transported via ambulance to a different hospital and admitted in the pediatrics unit with bronchiolitis. He then got to go home on Sunday the 11th, and is doing much better!
For the whole story, read below!

Ty'Rell's parents came into town the afternoon of the 10th. We went out to dinner and Big T was doing just fine until we were almost done eating. He just became exhausted and wanted to lay down. By the time we got home he had a slight cough and was ready for bed. After going to bed he would cough in his sleep and cry out for a few seconds but all while staying asleep. I kept checking on him and he seemed fine. 

At 3:30 AM I heard him coughing again but felt the urge to run in and grab him out of his bed. As I did I noticed how hard he was working to breath. It was so hard that he couldn't stay asleep, but his eyes were so heavy and tired. After a Priesthood blessing I rocked him as he struggled to breath and became very uncomfortable. I said a short prayer and just pleaded to know what to do. After 20 minutes or so I got TyRell and told him it was time to go to the ER.

The problem with living in the country is it is a mere 25 minutes to the nearest hospital. It was a long drive. He gagged while coughing and threw up, but that was the only hiccup on our way. 

His oxygen levels were pretty good when we got there, but they did a chest x-ray, RSV and flu tests, and gave him medicine through a nebulizer twice. His O2 levels started dropping and his heart rate sped up, but he was beginning to breath a little bit easier with the respiratory treatments. His x-ray didn't show "anything conclusive"...ya. (Until the pediatrician saw it later!) The ER Dr. told us that he had called a pediatrician who wanted him admitted into the hospital. The only problem was that this particular hospital didn't have a pediatrics unit. What did that mean? An ambulance ride downtown to a different hospital. He screamed the whole way. Can I just say that EMT's are AWESOME. They are so nice and really try to make you comfortable. But it didn't really help Big T. It probably didn't help that it was 10AM by this point and we hadn't had anything to eat!

At the PEDS unit they admitted Tytan and monitored him ever so closely, confirming with the x-ray that he had bronchiolitis (bronchitis in babies). By evening time he was doing so much better that I thought we would be released. But not so much. The Dr. on call said Big T was still struggling way to much to breath and so we stayed over night. The sweetest thing that happened was when T and I said our prayers that night. I was so exhausted from running on 3 hours of sleep that I laid in bed to pray. But not T. He knelt in his crib and folded his arms. It melted my heart. It wasn't until the next morning that I realized just how bad his breathing had gotten the previous night. Sunday morning he was breathing so easily it was amazing. (Hence the smiley pictures above!)  We were released to go home Sunday afternoon and we were so happy about that. 

Big T still has a very yucky cough, but is doing well. We go on for a follow up appointment on Thursday!

It broke my heart to see Tytan struggling to breath, and then to fight getting treatment and an IV. We were quarantined in his hospital room, so it was a struggle to keep him entertained. And his little crib/cage. Oh man! Noticing that when I walked in the room caught me off guard. I was too tired to cry then, but now the emotions are catching up with me. I am so grateful for many things. First his health. But also mother's intuition, the Spirit for helping me make right choices, Priesthood blessings, and modern medicine. All of these went hand in hand in helping our Big T get better! And, thanks to those who kept us in their prayers and even paid a visit to us! An even BIGGER thanks to my in-laws who, instead of having a relaxing vacation, doted on Bristol all weekend, and took care of the house and other matters while I was in the hospital with Big T. We couldn't have done it without you!


Jon and Bre said...

you are one amazing woman! I'm sorry that your family had to go thru that and that poor little Tytan had to go thru that. I'm glad he is doing better! Love you steph!

Shaylin said...

This hits close to home with me as my two youngest were both born 5 weeks early and their lungs were not fully developed they seem to catch everything. My daughter had RSV when she was 7weeks old and was in the Peds for a week and my son had bronchiolitis when he was 2... And to many cases of croup to count But Many breathing treatments and tons of Prayers later they both came through like champs! your story touched my heart I am so glad your little one is better and hope you never have to go through that again!

amberdat said...

oh man. i had no idea! you should have called me. I would have brought you sunday dinner in the hospital! i am so glad that he is doing better. you are a great mom for knowing what to do. let me know if you need anything!

Emily and Owen Johnston said...

So scary. Glad everything turned out alright. Thank goodness for th Priesthood and the gift of The Holy Ghost!