July 9, 2010

The Butchart Gardens

While my parents were here, we drove to the Butchart Gardens! This "Garden" (which is actually comprised of a ton of different styles of gardens) was started by a woman whose husband operated a limestone quarry. While he dug out the limestone, she filled in the 'holes' with gardens. Their world travels allowed her to bring back many different types of plants and vegetation. Thus she has a Japanese garden, as well as plants known all around the world.We walked through the garden for quite a few hours. They guys LOVED it, but may have just preferred a more active activity. My mom and I could go back in a heart beat. We had a great time! (Sorry for all of the pictures. I even narrowed it down to just a few! It was just so beautiful there! Couldn't resist.)

Entrance into the "Sunken Garden." My favorite spot. Quite enchanting!

Grandpa and Bris riding the carousal.

I didn't see any signs, but I think it was an unwritten rule not to run on the grass. How could anyone tell that cute face no?

Grandpa and Dad watched Bris as Nana and I walked through the rose garden. And you guessed it, she ended up completely soaked!
My mom and I fell in love with these rose trees. So beautiful!
Japanese Gardens

A view of the ocean from the Gardens...and on our way to Gillatto ice cream!!! Loved it!


Diana Hulme said...

So pretty! What an amazing place!

amber said...

Bristol is getting so big!! Come home and play with us! That place is so beautiful! MIss you.