July 28, 2010

The Erekson Clan Comes to Visit: Part 1

The Erekson crew flew up to Canada for a weeks visit! (Minus Kate, Grant, and Jeffie). We were so excited to have them. They rented a cabin right on the ocean about 45 minutes North of our apartment in Nanaimo. It was such a relaxing and fun week. Of course while we were there Katelyn called with the news that Ashley's mission call had come in the mail. Great timing! But she was so calm and happy with being in Canada anyway!

I took them to all of my favorite spots in and around Nanaimo. This is all of us at Piper's Lagoon. They loved it, and Bristol did too as usual. The girls were quite occupied with all of the star fish, and Ash was going to go swimming...but not so sure what the hundreds of little jelly fish would do to her. Hehe.

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