November 20, 2010

Boise/McCall Part 2

I have been a terrible blogger lately. I just noticed today that I had a "Boise Part 1" forever ago, and never gave you "Part 2!" I'll just call it placenta brain... Anyway, here it is!
McCall is the BEST in the summer. My favorite place ever. We had a blast, and of course time went by way too fast. But here are a few of our daily activities!

Bristol and Grandpa driving the boat. She was very independant at doing so! Even tried out the throttle!

Early morning water skiing just can't be beat! And for 3 almost 4 months pregnant, not too bad!
Don't tell the Dr. He might get mad. I toook it easy though!

My parents have this huge tube that fits a ton of people on it. It's pretty fun! Our own little party bardge!

The two "little's" on the four wheeler.

Soon to come, "The Stevens visit Canada."

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deidra said...

I wasn't letting a bun in the oven stop me from getting my water skiing fix, either!