November 27, 2010

Come One Come All!

It's a Boutique!

If you are still looking for gift ideas, this holiday gift boutique will have tons of options. And even better, you can come see me! I will be helping my mother-in-law with a booth selling great lotions, bath scrubs, lip balms, etc.! There will also be home decor, kid and baby items, Mary Kay, kitchen ware, clothes, and much much more!
Located at the Summit County Fairgrounds in Coalville, Ut.
202 East Park Rd.
Coalville, Ut 84017
In the Quonset Hut (a large metal building)!

I would LOVE to see you all there!

1 comment:

M.C. Sommers said...

Hey! Your boutique sounds like fun! To answer your question from your comment, I design the card and then you can get it printed (through Costo, snapfish, etc.).

Also, I LOVE your little girl's name -- absolutely adorable!