November 9, 2010

Lesson Learned

I used to be able to go to the grocery store with toddler in hand to get one or two items.
Last night was a whole different story...AND I had Ty with me!
Bristol started out great, running along in between us holding both of our hands.
5 minutes later, she was laying in the middle of the isle on her back and screaming
"No! No!" When I tried to pick her up.
What has happened?
I'll tell ya...
I could hardly keep myself from laughing however, which I know is bad for discipline sakes. But it was hilarious! She wasn't trying to be bad really, just sick of walking. Her new coat is down with a slick shell, so she would run and then slide on her stomach before turning to her back. So funny. I did learn my lesson though.
Even if I only have a couple things to grab, GET A CART!


Abinadi & Karli said...

Hey! I got your comment and I'm commenting back! :) so Abis bday is January 31st

Teresa said...

TyRell used to be a pill in the stores, he wouldn't scream he would run and hide. There were a lot of child abductions at the time and he scared me to death. The little pills. You gotta laugh or you would cry.

kris said...

My sister has 8 kids so she only goes grocery shopping when they are in bed. :) If you want to join the 12 days of Christmas exchange, you are more then welcome to- the more the merrier! Just let me know for sure with the item you will be making.