December 21, 2010

Christmas time is here...
Can't believe it! We wait impatiently for this day to come, and seriously
it's already almost over. Everyone always told me that as you get older
time goes by much faster. I didn'twant to believe them, and I'm still in denial!
Last night I told Ty that I never wanted to be pregnant over Christmas again.
There is just no way to fit all of the Christmas goodies into your belly when it's
already full. But then he said "It's either this or water ski season." Well, that
solved it! :)Seriously though, feeling like a beached whale during Christmas isn't
fun, however it givesme a little bit of insight to our beloved Mary who delivered
our Saviour in a manger. Unbelievable. Which brings me to the true meaning of
CHRISTmas. Each year our family participates in 2 manger scene reenactments.
I encourage you andyour families to do the same. I think it's a great idea to instill
in your children the valueof the true meaning of Christmas. Don't ever forget it!

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