December 5, 2010

The Baby Name Blues

Call me hormonal or in a bad mood...or whatever you want (G rated please), but I don't like ANY boy names right now. What's funny is the ones that Ty likes are names that I came up with before the pregnancy, but now hate. SERIOUSLY!!!
1. Tyton
2. Hunter
3. Porter
What do YOU think?
I can tell you what I think. I don't like them AT ALL!!!
And what's worse is I can't come up with any alternatives. So, here is where you come in. I need some fresh ideas! Any input would be great! My brain is beat!


Anonymous said...

How about Stephen? Ha ha just kidding. I like Porter! What about Todd? Or Mark?
Love you!

mental monika said...

You know, Serene didn't have a name for the first day and a half of her life. She was "Munchkin" until I finally gave in. Steve hated all my names and wouldn't budge so I had to pick from his. (NOT a big selection.) So hey! If you're the one adamant, at least you'll have final say, lol! And btw, now I can't imagine Serene with any other name. Good luck!