December 6, 2010

The Stevens visit Canada

Dave and Teresa made a long drive to visit Ty, Bris and I while in Victoria. Unfortunately it was record breaking heat on the island...and we didn't have air conditioning! But we still had a great time.
We did a lot of blackberry picking and made some great blackberry jam. So good!

While Ty and Dave did some fishing, us girls headed to Butchart Gardens. We didn't last too long before having to get a cold treat. Bris loved the ice cream, but it didn't stay icy for too long! She was such a mess! Well worth it though!

Isn't that a sweet delivery of a kid's meal? We thought so! Complete with a "Gold Coin" and everything!

Their trip went by fast, but it was fun to have them! I was still pretty sick with the pregnancy and could hardly stay awake if I wasn't walking around, so it was nice to have energetic grandparents around to entertain Bristol!

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Katelyn said...

Grant and I both like Tyton. I like the name Kaden, or Kade, named after his best aunt Katelyn, but that is just a suggestion :)But seriously, Tyton is good. So is Hunter, but whatever you decide to name him, it will turn out fine, unless it is poopy pants or something :)