April 9, 2011

AWHC: Baby Animal Days

A week ago we packed up and went to Baby Animal Days! The weather was terrible, but that didn't stop us. It was nice that all of the animals were moved inside out of the weather. Bristol and I had been potty training hard for three days and were ready for a day out! I'm happy to report: no accidents! Anyway, back to the animals. Bristol LOVED them.

First stop, the baby chicks. So cute!

Next up the baby lamb. (It was a little crowded, so we are grateful for the pictures we got!)

The most exciting attraction were the baby bears. They were 2 and 3 weeks old all the way from Yellowstone national Park! Bristol wanted to hold them...but no sir! We were very content to watch. The claws on those little cubs were huge! They are honestly like little babies though. They just wanted to be held and cuddled.

And then the bunny. At first Bristol didn't quite think it was real...but got the hang of it real quick. Then she didn't want to let go.
And finally...SWOP. Say what? S.W.O.P. That is Bristol's frog's name. Ty won the frog for her because I made him...and now I am wondering why. I don't do slimy things...or any little crawly things very well. But...it was a spur of the moment purchase. we tried to get Bristol to name it Skip or Jump, but she came up with "Swop" all on her own. Such a funny little girl.
All in all, baby animal days was a success. We had a great time getting out!

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Katelyn said...

How fun! Next year, if you guys are in Logan, I would love to come along with the kids to the Baby Animal Days! It would be super fun!c