April 6, 2011

Worth Losing Sleep Over

So...this is what's on my mind.Who knew that potty training could be so hard? Ya know how you can send your dog to behavior school? Totally wish they had those for potty training toddlers. One giant sleep over for kids all learning to use the potty. Hahaha! I really did think of that last night. But really, I finally got over one thing with the little Bris, and then something else starts up. I really shouldn't complain too much, so far she hasn't had too many accidents. Day 1: Bristol woke up and asked to use the potty. She was really rushed about it, so off we went. I wasn't planning on training her, but what a better way to start? So we were off! She went tinkle in the potty, and about an hour later a BM. So exciting! Then a few accidents. So we didn't end the day too well, but even better news is no wetting the bed!!! Not ready for that one! Day 2 (So far): Woke up and wouldn't go. She seriously gets the "pee shivers" but still won't go. Totally holding it. So guess where she goes? IN HER HIGH CHAIR. Sick. Nothing worse than eating your muffin in a couple inches of urine. I just don't do bodily fluids. I thought to myself 'There is a reason I'm not a nurse.' And then I laughed, besides the needles, I think that I do almost everything a nurse does! Clean up pee and poo, check temperatures, administer meds, change bedding, etc. Anyway...then she had a BM on the potty! Yay! But wait...another accident not long after. What is it with this tinkle??? Good news-she hates having accidents. It makes her cry. Now here is what I really lose sleep over: Going out in public. How do you get a kid that has to go potty RIGHT NOW to a potty? Do I hold her and run, risking getting peed on, or let her run with me and risk her just going all over? If we make it to the potty, what about the seat? I don't sit on public pottys, and my kids won't either. I've heard of these little potty seat liners for kids. Probably going to have to invest in a few of those :) Well, all problems are solvable. I just have to do it! Wish me luck. P.S. Any advice is welcome!

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