April 18, 2011

Here's looking at you kids!

We like to think that the weather is warming up. No...we just know how to bundle up! But we have been having a great time strolling!

And these are the adorable faces that I get to look at as I push the stroller.

Wouldn't they entice you to go for a stroll? Works for me!


Lauren said...

you're right those are some CUTE faces to look at while on a jog, your BOB is awesome too :)

mental monika said...

I hear you about the strolling in the cold. My littlest munchkin is at least happy she can wander outside without snow slowing her down.

And in response to you on my blog, 215 S. 100 W. Richmond, UT 84333. I also still have mmhowser@gmail.com, whatever method you're looking for. =)