June 29, 2011


I know you are jealous. As am I. However, these pictures are beautiful! I made TyRell promise to take a ton of pictures, and now I have a full file folder of them! These are only a few. I can't believe I missed it...one day.
TyRell and my cousin Dan hiked 7 miles down the canyon to meet up with the rest of the crew who had already been on the river for a few days. The hike was supposed to take about 4 hours, but it ended up only take about an hour. The poor guys got up sooooo early so as not to hike in the heat. It sure worked! Hence the jackets!
I loved these pictures! This water flowed into the the Colorado, and is so beautifully blue! I guess it was quite a bit warmer than the river, so they had quite a fun time swimming in it.
TyRell, Chrissy, and Dad!

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Camille said...

Fun! I would also love to do this someday. The Grand Canyon is so beautiful!