July 1, 2011

Tim McGraw

A bit ago in Boise, Hailey, Chrissy, Kate, and I enjoyed an AMAZING concert! My Dad and Annie weren't able to go, so Kate and I got their tickets. Can you spell L.U.C.K.Y.? It was so much fun. I always tell myself, "Why would I buy tickets to go to a concert when I can just listen to their CD?" Well let me remind all of you...it is SO MUCH BETTER LIVE! Seriously, if you are ever contemplating, just get the tickets. We had a blast. Our seats were wicked close to the stage. Literally perfect!
The Band Perry opened first. They are sooooo good. Very entertaining, and totally better than the radio or CD. That doesn't happen very often, but they were great!
Chrissy, Hailey, Me, Kate. Kate looks so cute pregnant, and she was a trooper considering we pretty much stood for the whole concert! I think that the ice cream before and the roasted peanuts during helped a little!
Luke Bryan. 'Nuff said! He is cute! Very entertaining and a great voice!
And now for the hunk of meat himself. WOW! He is so great! A very real, and down to earth performer. He is so good, no wonder he has won so many awards. He came out on a stage that we didn't even know was there and ended up being a lot closer to us than we thought he would be. I was shaking with excitement! There is nothing like Tim McGraw live!


Tiffany said...

Love Tim McGraw! That looks like so much fun, his concerts are the best!

Camille said...

Nice! We went to Keith Urban a couple years ago. It was amazing!

I used to think the same thing about concerts and now we try to go to one every year.

M.C. Sommers said...

I'm so jealous. I have always loved Tim, but lately I've been really into him for some reason. I bet he would be so awesome to see live in concert.

The Chambers said...

AMAZING! Seems like he would put on a good show. You look ADORABLE!